A Day In The Life Of Noz

A Day In The Life Of Noz

A Day In The Life Of Noz


As an attendee of the hugely atmospheric, jungle of entertainment and laughter that is Nozstock, the rugged, oftentimes chaotic itineraries of the crew may be the last thing that occupy your mind. Whilst you’re caught up in a whirlwind of vibrant accessories, a collection of tinnies for all your mates as well as prepping for the continuous bouncing about within Rowden Paddocks Farm, the faces behind the fun vary from crinkled with stress to glowing with genuine ecstasy.


Setting the scene before the weekend of mayhem commences, the more tedious administrative jobs rule the roost. From tweaking and twisting line up details after recruiting a gaggle of the most mesmerising, show-stopping comedians, artists and entertainers to the more mundane logistical elements such as dishing out train tickets and rewiring all the technical stuff. In contrast, the celebration of scoring some big names by our Bandstand Manager, Loz– ‘Idles’ provided a notably welcome appearance in 2016 – keeps up momentum and passion between the heads behind the Noz experience. Meanwhile Maddie looks after key performance deets for Orchard, Garden, Cubicles and Elephants Grave. A significant mention goes out to Dad Noz, keeping the cattle moo-ving and grooving all year-long on the well tended farmland.


Mike Hale Photography


Revving up the excitement, Nozstock begins. Coffee cups (always as eco-friendly as can be sourced) and a litter of energy drink cans ravage the premises – sure signs of the blood, sweat and tears put in daily by the crew. Adhering to the commands and requests of our traders, Jasmine tackles the logistics of pitch angles with the help of glamorous assistant, Shaz. Elsewhere within the mystical land of Noz, our Comedy Manager, Anna can be found hurriedly hoovering non-biodegradable glitter from the grass underneath the theatre tent in hopes to avoid angering the cattle population upon their return. And in case you’re concerned – yes, note to Noz – source more sustainable self-dissolving décor! You may not find the height of fascination in the good ol’ gennys going on the blink or an ice machine blitzing out for the umpteenth time within a day (Jasmine – our key crack o’ dawn, sorter outer would agree), yet fixing up these technicalities are crucial components to keep the cogs of your beloved festival ticking away. Over to your kitchen krew which sees the likes of dream duo Ash – our kitchen manager and Head Chef, Andy serve up all cuisine weird and wonderful (who could forget the infamous ‘egg slab’ brekky), backed by a team of 20 trusty top-tier chefs and kitchen assistants. Ever grateful for their presence would be Emily, our decor diva, who once wolfed down 8 meals after her wonderful services of ensuring glamourising every element thinkable – from festival signage all the way to the ladies loos!


Photography by Jack Green


Never fear – despite all the nitty gritty tasks carried out by our witty, witty task force, they do find time for fun. Sampling succulent cheese sauces from the likes of Pimp My Fries to running laps around the site to ensure everyone’s wearing their best smile, the team are very much part of the crowd and still know how to get down with the kids!


Amongst all the out-there anecdotes, litres of caffeine consumed by humans-turned-robots and the frantic facilitation of facilities, it can be concluded that a whole lotta love can be found within the Noz crew. From folks ensuring the whole site is sufficiently fed and watered, to various venders such as The Vegan Pyramid ensuring the feeding and watering is sufficiently catered for with – reportedly – the tastiest cuppas on site. Finishing this piece in reminiscence of simultaneous dancing and crying from Ella, Roisin, Noz and Maddie overlooking a crowd of blissed out dancers to sweet melodies from Rudimental, it seems conclusive that you punters will always be the motivators and love generators behind every single day of Noz.