Audio Visual treats abound

Audio Visual treats abound

With less than a month to go until the gates open to the farm, we thought it was time we gave you another line up announcement to whet your festival appetites…The Tribe of Frog boys have been busy arranging psy delights for you in The Coppice, Dub Bait are back with audio visual treats to connect and play with the audience, including announcing Bass Clef as headliner, SIKA have announced the prolific London Zoo for The Bullpen and The Velveteen Valley has a new round of fabulous filth to intrigue and delight. Scottish funnyman Phil Kay will be making his way back to The Hidden Valley to headline our Friday night comedy and we’ve got none other than The Light Surgeons in Wrong Directions cinema tent! We can’t wait…how many days to go again?!

Comments (5)

  • Beth

    22 DAYS! can’t wait!x

    • Ella

      Neither can we Beth! 😀 x

  • Dom

    Bassclef? Can’t see him on the other page? Honest?

  • James Hadfield

    So is the tribe of frog going to have there own Tent …. Before I buy a ticket …. :-))

    • Emma R

      Hi James, Tribe of Frog are taking over our lake-front tent, the coppice for the weekend!