BBC Introducing in Hereford & Worcester

BBC Introducing in Hereford & Worcester

We’d like to bring together the talent explored over the last few weeks through our BBC Introducing Sessions. From samples of easy listening provided by Worcester based band, Northern Fir to soulful symphonies delivered from Brummys’ very own Gaby Kettle, we dive into the up-and-coming sounds we’ve been keen to clock on to! We’re wanting to keep our Noz family in the loop by providing a few treasures for your own discoveries – you can bare witness to the full experience of the talent and tunes that be here.

Please do note that all sessions were recorded within a physically distanced environment taking into account recommendations from Health & Safety Executive Guidance.



“A great musician and storyteller who – somehow – freezes time with her mesmerising sound” as described by Andrew Marston; Gaby Kettle pours her experiences and feelings into soulful works of art to communicate her experiences. Honest lyrics ring true through textured melodies taken from influences of soul, jazz and lo-fi.

Here’s her set!



Take a walk on the mellow side with Northern Fir; warm feelings of hope and self discovery are said to be inspired by their sound. “Beautifully intricate with deep meaningful lyrics that you just can’t help but listen to” resonate through this Worcester based bands’ melodic vocals.

Check the sound!



Originating from the West Midlands, singer-songwriter Rachaayluu walks the fine line between pop and R&B. “A mesmerising and beautiful performance from a soulful and lyrical star” can be found within the vid below – keep your ears pricked for those ‘Billie Eilish’, ‘Charli’ and ‘Ella Mai’ vibes.

Here’s the live performance!



“A cutting edge musician with a hard rocking band delivering power and energy” makes Joe Wheldon & The Offshore a hard sound to ignore. The English countryside delivers something rough and raw! Our fearless, often experimental vocalist slash guitarist Joe in collaboration with lead guitarist Jack and drummer Jonny create some wicked noise with Liam on bass.

Tune into their sound!



Sheddy Maria don’t know no holding back as she’s seen to be riding the waves of social media without fear. This Birmingham based singer-songwriter should be one to watch for all you Dua Lipa fans as she seeks to storm the UK with uplifting beats and that much-needed positive energy. “A fun and charismatic performer with poignant lyrics delivered with heart and soul” – please allow her to rock your world!

Check her out!



Although music from Rosso encompasses  “Beautifully uplifting melodic country vibes” which have been described as “perfect for a summer’s day!” – we would urge you to tune in all year round! The cohesion of original lyrics in combination with a mash-up of assured, energetic sounds stemming from the genres of folk and country does not stop with this dynamic duo.

Live set here!



A common theme of hard-hitting lyrical truths and authentic experience remains within the alt-pop ensemble that is Bad Money. “A band who are on top of their game; pure pop/rock that is a sure fire contender for being one of my artists of the year” speaks volumes about their impressions made on BBC H&W presenter Andrew Marston – we’ll let you devise your own opinions!

Check ‘em!


We hope you’ve enjoyed our piecing together of our regional ones-to-watch – here’s counting on making our virtual jam-sesh’s count whilst we readily await the good ol’ familiarity of in-person performance!