Bonfire Night!

Bonfire Night!

Get yer mittens on, your marshmallows out and keep the fire burning!

Just as much as anyone, we love a good Bonfire. Those who have attempted past Nozstock’s will know all about our Sunday night fireshow – full with fantastic fireworks and one heck of a bonfire. In fact – it’s so beloved that we’ve won an award for it; The Mindblowing Spectacle Award at the AIF awards ’17!

You bet we’ll be celebrating Bonfire Night with the rest of you, but before celebrations get underway, just a few tips & resources ahead of the night to help consider your environmental impact.

This article from green energy giants, Ecotricity, hosts some great tips to help keep your Bonfire Night as green as possible. Including reminders to make sure you’re burning natural wood, look out for wildlife, and avoid using lanterns as they pose a significant threa to animals!

Now that’s said, get out there and enjoy it!

Noz HQ x