Capture The Hidden Valley highlights!

Capture The Hidden Valley highlights!

We love catching a glimpse of your personal Nozstocks’ over the weekend, but we want to see more!! In 2012 one man and his son took us through their whole weekend at Noz and we loved every minute.

Or this incredible video of a stage invasion during Sonny Wharton’s set on the garden stage.

Or even a bunch of cross-dressing nuns worshipping Bromyard’s very own Jesus!

It’s great seeing your personal experiences at Nozstock, we want to see the moments that you tell your friends about and say ‘You wouldn’t believe what happened at Nozstock this year!’. The most important thing about this festival is that you get to enjoy yourselves and we want to see all the crazy things that you get up to. Think of it as the You’ve Been Framed of festivals but with more music, more wellies and a lot more cider.

Upload your best moments onto and tag it NOZVIDCOMP and we will look through and decide which moment captured by you deserves a free goodie bag full of Nozstock merch!

Remember though, the deadline for these videos to go up is SUNDAY 4TH AUGUST! That’s a whole week for you to settle down, sleep off the intense hangovers, brush the dust off your computers and GET UPLOADING.

There’s no limit to how many videos you can upload and phone quality is more than acceptable! Which is lucky as we have eco-friendly phone chargers on site with our friends over at Electric Pedals.

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  • Simon Jones

    Great event, looks like a-lot of fun!