Rubberbandits, Jason Rouse comedy + AV joy…

Rubberbandits, Jason Rouse comedy + AV joy…

Comedy bookings for funny-bunnies

Continuing our growing reputation for hosting some of the finest UK comedy talent, we’ve got some esteemed guests coming along in July to road-test new material. Past luminaries have included the likes of Russell Howard, Phil Jupitus, Adrian Edmondson and Steven Frost to name a few, but headlining Saturday Night this year are the awardwinning and mask-wearing hip-hop duo The Rubberbandits. Made up of Mr. Chrome and Blindboy Boat Club their satirical, lewd and at times hypnogogic blend of music, comedy and crank calls deservedly earned them ‘Best Irish Act’ at the awards in 2011. Having shared a stage with the likes of Jessie J and performed to over 20, 000 people at Oxygen last year, The Rubberbandits have proved they are even more dynamic and entertaining live as on screen. Put that pen on your programme this year and mark the spot – you don’t want to miss this.

Also treading the hallowed boards of Laughing Stock’s comedy stage is self-proclaimed ‘jester from hell’ Jason Rouse (whose riotous act has been described byChortle as a “a tirade of unspeakable depravity”), Canadian funny-man and regular on Russell Howard’s Good News/Never Mind The Buzzcocks Tony Law, new kid on the block Darius Davies and a whole host of breakthrough talent.

With an intoxicating level of up-and-comers cutting their comedic teeth, plus chips off the old block showing the youngsters how veterans do it best, don’t be surprised if you hear squeals and peals of joy, and the underbubble of dark chortles emanating from the Craft Quarter’s depths at Nozstock this year.

AV treats day and night, old and young

Things are getting a little bit exciting over in the Dingle’s Wrong Directions Cinetent where local collective MASH’s careful curation will result in a stunning programme of visual treats and inspiring eye-openers, including a highlight retrospective collection from esteemed animator and experimental artist Jeff Scher. Scher has work sited in permanent collections at the Museum of Modern Art, as well as in the Academy Film Archives and at the Pompidou Centre. With investigations into the culture of Mash Up, magical music videos and kid-friendly visual treats throughout the day, Mash will also be bringing you some live AV late night experiences.

Don’t miss Saturday afternoon’s Sound Art Zone. An emerging practice born out of avant-garde jazz, contemporary classical and conceptual visual art movement, sound art is a chance to open your ears and be dazzled by eclectic, live audio-visual performance and fusions of ambience, electronics, improvisation, noise and silence. Prepare to be amazed!

More hip-hop for your  mental wealth

If you haven’t heard already, beat bosses Sika Studios are once again ruling over the Bullpen, and they’ve squeezed in another load of hip-hop heroes for your viewing pleasure in the form of legendary Foreign Beggars member Dr Syntax, Bristol collective Rat Tash, explosive six-piece Raw Element, Croydon’s finest MC Du Jour, Cracker Jon and old school dons Ricta&Idyllic.

There’s so much to tell but here’s a few more upcoming highlights to get you plotting and planning the best weekend of your summer:
  • Cycle Competition – gather your liveliest of friends and convoy your way to the Farm (free tickets available – see competition details)
  • Artists – design an iconic postcard, see it in beautiful, professional technicolour and get in scott free!
  • Theme – dress up and delight in the Myths & Legends theme by donning your freakiest, furriest outfits and bring a bit of magic to play.
  • Tasty treats – A plethora of tasty meals and snacks will be offer with a chill out café for those seeking coffee-scented sanctuary.
  • Things to do – Workshops aplenty will give you that sense of achievement and whet your appetite for being clever.
  • Green Amusements – Clear campsite competitions, celebrity tree-plantings and sustainable arts & crafts.

See the latest line up and, for details and descriptions rich with palpitation-inducing suggestions, check out our line up venue pages to see what’s on offer across your intimate Farm festival site coming soon…. Oh, yes.