Tribe of Frog bring the Coppice back!

Tribe of Frog bring the Coppice back!

Tribe of Frog are well known for putting on one hell of a party. Psytrance die hards will be pleased to know they are back hosting the Coppice at Nozstock: the Hidden Valley this year. The Bristol based outfit first appeared at Nozstock in 2009 with great reviews, smashed it up in 2010 and now they are back for more neon warfare. For some selective beats and progressive sounds from the extensive library of electronica, get yourself down to see the headliner Oood, who’s name arose from a trippy revelation one day in conversation… “Out Of Our Depth” … the collective OOOD give you sounds by artists with a real philosophy. “Psychedelia means we’re continually taking in new influences from the wider world of music… I think that’s the key and that’s the beauty of psychedelic trance, you can put all these influences into it and it works.” Get your knees up and your glosticks out!

The line up for 2011 has just been released its gonna be a weekend to remember…

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  • Kemo

    Yay / ToF I’ll be bringing mah poi’n’staff!