Self-isolation and Wellbeing

Self-isolation and Wellbeing

The world can be a challenging place at the best of times, but when you’re regularly being faced with Covid-19 updates, news on bog-roll bandits, hand sanitiser hoarders and now a country lock-down, it can suddenly become downright scary and anxiety-inducing.

Keeping your mental and physical wellbeing in check during this time is everything Nozstockers, so we’ve put together this blog as guidance on what to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Take a break from the news

When your social media feeds and TV screens are crammed with the topic of Covid-19, it’s likely that you’ll be feeling mixed levels of stress and anxiety. Try to set yourself specific times, once or twice a day, to check in on the current (and correct) news, which leads us nicely onto our next point…

Get the facts

When keeping up to date on the Covid-19 news, make sure you are obtaining information from a reliable source, such as the WHO, and NHS websites. Panic can kick-start some pretty wild rumours, so it’s crucial that the information you take in and pass on is legitimate, for your own wellbeing and for others too.

Stay connected

For those of you who are in isolation, staying connected is important. Although unable to physically meet people, the advancement of technology means you can communicate with each other by phone, video calls, email and social media. Reach out and talk to people close to you about how you’re feeling, they are most likely feeling the same. If you don’t have anyone to rely on for emotional support, call lines such as Samaritans and SANEline.

Maintain a sense of routine

The world feels a little topsy-turvy, so naturally, your daily routine is likely to be out of sync too. Try to stick to the usual times you wake up and go to sleep, and make sure you’re doing the little things, like cleaning your teeth, having a shower, eating well and changing out of your pyjamas. Having a routine and taking the time to self-care not only alleviates stress and anxiety, but increases creativity and productivity too. Read more here.

Keep yourself busy

Listen to music and check out one of our Spotify playlists, download a podcast, read a book, get that bit of housework done that’s been bothering you for months, water your plants, do a puzzle, learn a language, do some baking – any projects that you can get stuck into for a while to take your mind off things. Want to learn a new skill? Now’s the time!

Take care of others

There might be someone you know that could really do with your help during this time. They could be an elderly neighbour down the road, a health worker or a parent who’s struggling to home school their children. If you feel that you can, pick up the phone, send them an email or post them a letter offering your help. It’s the little things, like taking the time to grab someone’s groceries that mean a lot right now. Doing good, does you good.


Stay safe and look out for each other Nozstockers, for updates on the COVID-19 situation and Nozstock check out our first statement here as of 17th March 2020.

Love NozHQ x


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