Crew Profile- Carolann, The Lady of Liaison

Crew Profile- Carolann, The Lady of Liaison

What is your favourite festival item that you couldn’t live without?

Strong deodorant

How often do you get to shower over Nozstock week?
Are there showers?

What are your top 3 tips for surviving a weekend of revelling in a field?
-Sleep with your wellies on,
-Watch for the porta- loos to be emptied and nip in quick,
-Enjoy every minute

Who out of the crew would you predict to make it to sock-wrestling champion for 2012 and why?
Bob Noz – very competitive has to win at all macho/caveman competitions

When were you most starstruck at Nozstock?
Ty Taylor of Vintage trouble outside the garden bar yum

What are you most looking forward to at 2012’s festival?
Meeting all the newbies and watching everyone having a great time

Tell us your most embarrassing or entertaining Nozstock story.
Calling Netsky, Netski even after an email not to do so hehe

Random interesting fact?
I have had afternoon tea with Tammy Wynette and her husband George.