Crew Profile – General Site Decor Manager – Emily Priestly

Crew Profile – General Site Decor Manager – Emily Priestly

Ever wonder where all those brilliantly beautiful and punny signs come from when you enter Noz? Or the wonderfully weird dressings as you meander from stage to stage? Well, wonder no more, as this crew profile is on one half of the on-site decor management team – Emily Priestly!

Who are you and what do you do at Noz?

I am Emily, I am general site decor manager, a role I share with Kirsty Burnside.

Tell us about your role at Noz – what are your highs and lows?

My team does all those bits of art between the stages, we do the ticket huts and fun signs, also the toilets and the signs that tell you where to go .

It can be stressful trying to get everything done in time, we work in all weather but we do get fed. (Main reason I go tbh, my boyfriend runs the canteen.) Lol!

Give us your funniest Noz memory!

The year The Proclaimers were there and they were on the main stage. Me and my friend Luke snuck away from the drum and bass All Stars on the Garden Stage to watch them. We couldn’t stop laughing cos at that time we were supposed to be into drum n bass but proclaimers all the way for me 😁

What’s your absolute festival essential?

Salt and vinegar Squares. Hands down. Perfect hangover snack.

Who would your ultimate festival headline act be?

Green Day. Absolute dream. Or Eminem.

What do you get up to outside of Noz?

I roller-skate, eat, hang out with my boyfriend and friends.

What’s your go-to chill out activity when escaping all of the festival mayhem?

Go get my sun lounger and chill by my caravan, having a little snack. Idyllic.

Tell us about your first festival experience!

My first festival was Noz. I just had such a great time, got my face painted, ate some good food. Had a blast.

How did you get into working at Noz?

I live locally and all my friends were doing it so it made sense if I wanted to see them in summer 🤣🤣

What would be your number one tip for all festival newbies?

Pack waterproof Clothes & shoes, lots of toilet paper and plenty of snacks.