It is with massive regret that we have to announce the cancellation of our Saturday night headliner, Wu-Tang Clan.

We’re really disappointed to drop this bombshell on everyone and suffice to say the crew here are seriously heartbroken that Wu can’t make it. For many of us it was going to be the highlight of our weekend and we are crestfallen that Wu-Tang Clan are going to be missing out on one of the best audiences they could ever wish for. You guys! We have received no specific reason for the cancellation of the rest of their tour and are without control to enforce their attendance at Nozstock. We are told we will receive an official cancellation announcement from their management by the end of this week, which we will share with you.
In the same breath, we have to say a massive thank you to De La Soul for agreeing to take to the Orchard Stage in their place. We’re really excited to have them here and to have them step up on such short notice.
For over 20 years they have rocked us with their De La songs full of inscrutable samplings, whimsically irreverent lyrics, social commentary, light rhythm and laid back rhymes. They have gained respect within and outside the hip-hop community with their contributions to rap, as well as jazz, funk, soul and alternative genres. Not only are their musical innovations acclaimed and respected worldwide, but they paved a path for many alternative rap groups to come after them.

De La Soul

As per our terms & conditions, tickets are non-refundable as the festival is sold as a whole experience. Please check here for the full ticket terms & conditions. Please do not contact our office or ticket team to request a refund as we will be unable to oblige. We understand that this will be frustrating for some of you but we hope the new bookings will go some way to compensating.
As you know Nozstock is a homegrown, grassroots festival full of colour and wonder. The programme is crammed full with hundreds of the most astounding, incredible and inspiring artists on this planet. The site is looking mind-blowingly intergalactic and downright super-spacey. We also have so many other exciting performances happening over the weekend, we know we’re going to take your brain to another dimension.
It’s time to buckle up and step aboard the Starship Noz, have an exhilarating time with new and old friends, live in the moment and look forward to having one of the best weekends of your life!  As ever, more than anything, Noz is about it’s heart… and at the centre of ours is YOU, our crazy, beautiful and amazing punters.
Thanks for your undying support and your understanding with this change in the programming so late in the day.
Phasers set to fun, astronauts!
If you wish to discuss this news further, please email [email protected]

Comments (34)

  • staggers

    Don’t care about the cancellation. Prefer De La Soul anyway. It is going to be ACE ACE ACE!! I’m looking forward to walking through the Stargate!

    • Angeliki Georgokosta

      Yeah, we’re really excited to see De La Soul!

  • K

    Genuinely gutted that they can’t come but it’s not a deal breaker, still hyped for the festival!

    There are people out there who would’ve gone to see Wu Tang specifically and I think it’s pretty bad that you refuse to refund those people who would want to return their ticket

    • Ella

      Hi K, great to hear you are still hyped – so are we! Appreciate your concerns regarding a refund but as a small and independent event relying entirely on ticket sales we have to sell Nozstock as a whole experiencre, not just on the back of one name and we do detail in the terms and conditions that the line up is subject to change. Obviously, we are really disappointed to lose a headlining act but the festival has nine stages of entertainment all weekend and the sites looking amazing 🙂

    • Angeliki Georgokosta

      Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund in this situation. We do detail in the terms and conditions that the line up is subject to change. Nozstock is about the experience as a whole and we do hope that all people will have a smashing time anyway xx

  • Mcjinglenuggets

    Deffo blagged WuTang to sell tickets. Bad impression of Nozstock before even getting there my first time. Not happy.

    • Ella

      Hello, unfortunately the circumstances are entirely out of our control. We are disappointed too but you will still have an amazing time!

  • Oscar

    Bit late in the day to announce this, we are travelling today as it starts today! It was a massive pull to come to nozstock just to see Wu-Tang, now I’m not impressed, how about a small favour to compensate those that feel hoodwinked? Gutted and why is the replacement band not the same genre?

    • Anna Stewart

      Hi Oscar. We’re just as disappointed as you but unfortunately we can’t offer a refund – we do detail in the T&Cs that the line-up is subject to change and there are nine stages full of amazing acts as well as the whole festival experience. When we polled our audience before the festival, it was actually a really close draw between De La Soul and Wu Tang Clan – they’re an amazing hip-hop act and we were really lucky they were available to perform, so we’re hoping that although it’s a big disappointment, having De La Soul there will make up for it a bit! Sorry again about this x

  • Jon

    Tough situation, well handled in my humble opinion.Fair play guys 🙂

    • Angeliki Georgokosta

      Thank you Jon!

  • Wolfie

    Really bad of Wu Tang to cancel so close to the time. Sod them

    • Molly Jones

      Thanks for being so understanding, it was a massive blow for us too.

  • Liam

    These things happen, no discredit can be given to the staff of Nozstock. Their putting on a wicked spread of music for us. And if Wu-Tang can’t be there, you can only blame them. The best thing that could happen is De La Soul smash it and nobody even carer Wu-Tang were even billed.

    • Staggers

      That’s the spirit! Wu who??

  • cheggers

    Good work on getting a bigger band at such short notice. Dunno how you pulled that off. You did better than Glastonbury on that score! Hats off to you.

    It’s not all about the music, it’s all about the collective effort to have a great time.

    • Anna Stewart

      thanks so much for being so understanding! We do it all for you guys – makes all the blood sweat and tears worthwhile 🙂 see you soon!

  • Joe

    To be honest that suits me. De La Soul are sick!

    • Anna Stewart

      we agree joe 😀

  • clare

    I’m more than happy that you have managed to replace wutang with de la soul. Happy Happy Daze xxx

    • Anna Stewart

      Hi Clare! Thanks so much! We just want everyone to have an amazing time and we’re sure it’ll all pay off! See you soon x

  • john

    Gutted. Ghost and Rae are doing there cuban links 20th anniversary tour in america so they were never gonna show anyways booked in Asheville NC the same night as Nozstock :S still interested to hear why the others can’t roll. Fair fooks on getting De La such short notice though!

  • AJ

    Best news of the day. Looking forward to the festival even more now vans loaded beers chillin can’t wait to hit the road see you later Nozstock

  • Tom

    It’s a shame, but well done. Let’s have a sick weekend!!!

  • john

    method man put out on twitter on the 3rd that he wasn’t hitting europe this summer too cos he shootin a movie in america. How did Nostock not see this coming sooner?

    • Ella

      We had been in talks with management who informed us that the show was going ahead. Of course it wouldnt be in our interests to book an act we
      didnt think would come to the festival – we are as gutted as you are but we still think it’s going to be a hell of a show!

  • mark

    gutted to see this happen real shame. sod what the term and conditions say you should offer the people a choice of money back if they want. most will not accept it but it would be a good move on your part as lots of people i know are not happy at all.

    • Alex Powell

      Sorry Mark we are as gutted as you are. It’s completely out of our control they have cancelled their entire tour. We sell tickets as an experience rather than just for one band. Our crew have worked really hard to find a replacement at such short notice and we are all looking forward to De La Soul and look forward to seeing you here!

  • digitalsoundgirl

    De La Soul – amazing! =)

    • Charlotte Sullivan

      I am so glad I got to see De La Soul. Apart from the great british weather me, my crew and the donkeys loved it. What incredible organisation. Thank’u for welcoming us.

      • Anna Stewart

        Hi Charlotte – we loved it as well! Hope to see you next year 🙂 x

  • Matt

    I really wouldn’t be surprised to see the event management company dealing with Poo-Tang go mysteriously bankrupt after syphoning out the deposits they picked up from Noz and the other venues. Good luck with the legal battle ahead. It’s terrible that such a well respected band can shit from a great height on a family run small festival that rarely if ever makes a profit. It’s entirely understandable that the Noz team can’t issue refunds for losing Wu-Tang, if they did that there might not even be another next year. I must say though that the Noz team did outstanding to find such a quality replacement at such short notice. I hear that Wu-Tang’s management contacted Nozstock at around 10pm on Wednesday evening, and by 11pm De La Soul had been secured as their replacement. The Nozstock team deserve massive respect and thanks for pulling that off, and for dealing with the disappointed punters so professionally. Most of the staff are volunteers doing long shifts to make this happen. This is a great festival and I wouldn’t care if I’d never heard of a single band playing, I’d still come. Thanks Noz for a great weekend!

    • Alex Powell

      Hi Matt, thanks for your kind words. Glad you had such a good time and hope to see you again next year!

  • Charlotte Sullivan

    Jul 31, 2015


    I am so glad I got to see De La Soul. Apart from the great british weather me, my crew and the donkeys loved it. What incredible organisation. Thank’u for welcoming us.