It’s The Most Sustainable Time Of The Year

It’s The Most Sustainable Time Of The Year

…Okay, so not typically – Christmas usually encompasses some pretty unsustainable behaviours. With excessive gobbling of tasty treats and an extra 30% of waste production from those fiendish plastics and wrapping paper as well as all those food miles racked up ensuring the deliveries of your delicious dinner, the festive season may be seen as a bit of Grinch to us environmentalists.

Luckily – we’re able to turn this around with a bit of reflection on our behaviours and a drive to do better! After all – Christmas is a time of giving and what better way to give back to our year-round host, Mother Nature, than to help protect her planet and all those who inhabit it? You can check out some excellent previous suggestions on how to ‘Have Yourself a Greener Little Christmas’ – our suggestions from last year still ring true in 2020!


We’re keeping our green traditions going through bringing you 3 more top tips for sustainable celebrations these holidays!


Going Green means Eating Clean

Kind of – yes, you’re still allowed your choccy log. However, why not get the veggies involved this December and try and reduce your meat consumption? Animal agriculture continues to be a huge drivers of climate change through emissions of numerous greenhouse gasses. These most definitely do not reside on Santa’s ‘nice’ list. Treat your pallet to a variety of new flavours and save some turkeys in the process – gobble gobble! Every little helps and by vegan-ising just a few of your festive food options, you’ll also help to reduce your carbon footprint. Why not tuck into some Tofurkey or nibble on a nut roast this year by checking out heaps of delicious delicacies found here.


Digital as Doable!

Over 1 billion Christmas cards are thrown in the bin over being recycled annually and although recycling is utterly fabulous in terms of reducing landfill, environments call for excess resource use to be squashed first and foremost! Piggy-backing onto all the COVID induced mayhem we’ve endured in 2020 – there may be some wisdom in wisening up to the digital era. In saying that – why not utilise the latest tech in sending e-cards or taking it up a notch and pinging over a festive vid to your loved ones!? Okay, okay – maybe too embarrassing for most – but we’d rather our cringe-worthy onesies and hideous singing voices go down in history over our ignorance in protecting the climate. Numerous online e-card services now exist for your very own utilisation, on top of Zoom, Skype and FaceTime for those more digitally savvy and who may be looking to create memories with loved ones far and wide.


Shoppin’ Around The Christmas Tree!

We’re sure the rhetoric of shopping local and from small-scale outlets has been drilled into your buzzing little brains at every opportunity this year – what with recent virus-related contexts inspiring heaps of creatives and those looking for a new hobby to start up a new business ploy. However, on top of supporting your mates new biz venture, you’ll also be helping reduce the amount of air miles on all your prezzies! That’s why we’re challenging you to shop around your Christmas Tree this year – or at least as close as you can to it! If you’re really wanting to go above and beyond on this one, why not start a New Years resolution early and commit to some second-hand sourcing? There may still be a taboo around gifting pre-loved goodies however this doesn’t necessarily mean old and worn! Check your local charity shop or source from Depop, EBay or Vinted – this means that on top of reducing transport costs you’ll also be cutting down completely on excess resource consumption as these wonders are already in circulation.


We’re hoping you’ll share in our go-green festivities as well as discover your own ways to be more of a giver than a taker from our big green ball of life we all depend upon! A big, big, BIG message we’d like to send over to you and your loved ones would also be to assess your own capacity in going green – express yo’ pride in the actions you’re able to take now no matter how small.


Wishing you all a very merry and bright Christmas as always,

Big love,

Noz Crew X