Keepin’ It Surreal

Keepin’ It Surreal

*Theme announcement*

That’s right, our twirly-faced favourites – the theme is announced! For Nozstock The Hidden Valley 2017, we’ll be ‘Keepin’ it Surreal’. We’re talking all your favourite twisted incarnations – from Dali’s melting clocks, to Magritte’s floating bowler hats, from the Magic Roundabout to Adventure Time – it’s going to be a whirling, splendid and mind-bending journey into the oddest, and downright quirkiest, of weekends. And we can’t wait to see what you bring to it. No-one dresses better than our audience!


Comments (2)

  • Jon Doughty

    Hey guys, any chance of getting Josefin Ohrn and the Liberation on this year? They’d really suit the ‘keepin it surreal’ vibe – touch of early Pink Floyd about them. Looking forward to Nozstock 2017 already!

    • Ella

      Thanks Jon. Any other suggestions feel free to fire them accross! x