New Year Resolutions – Noz Style!

New Year Resolutions – Noz Style!

Here at Noz we’ve taken a peek at the nations most popular New Years resolutions – and whilst we can’t say we strictly disagree – it’s your life, love! – we would like to butt in with a few rethinks. Get your brain ticking away on some self-improvements once all secretions of boozey beverages and excess of sweet treats have left your bod from the festive period. You may be thinking – what in the world does a collaborative of festival fanatics have to tell ME about how to spend my next year on planet earth? Just a few pointers – take ‘em or leave ‘em!


Move More!

We’re certainly feeling the far cry away from festival life as we know it however just because you can’t move to the music, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let the music move to you. Although we certainly commend those who persevere with daily jogging, bedroom-based cardio sessions and incomprehensible motivation to reach their daily step count – we’d like to offer an alternative to instead sticking on your dancing shoes and getting down with it! Nozzers are known to bust sequences of spicy moves so what better time to commit to refining your signature skank – ready for your next encounter with Andy C?



Lose Weight!

How do you honestly expect to be dragging all those excess pounds through the field of Noz once Boris gives the all clear? We’re surprised your legs are able to support all that weight! No we aren’t talking about your bodies – instead, put down the rucksack! We’re here to let you know that your bods looking fab as ever! However, don’t you think a move towards a more minimalist packing system might be in your favour when it’s back to dragging about tents, booze and loo roll around the land of Noz – coming (eventually) to a summer near you? It’s time to ditch any excess waste/throwaway supplies!


Time for a New Hobby?

Here at Noz we’re challenging you to take on the most absurd hobby imaginable! You’re bound to see all sorts within our fields – from hula hoops to comedy, painters of faces to our punters who seem to be exceptionally skilled in downing cider until boozy secretions stream from their ears (not recommended). We’ve provided our fair share of tasters in still-life drawing and crafts for the kiddies – we’re wanting you to flex your skill of choice, even if this simply honing in on your banana identification strategies, ready for our Human Fruit Machine.


Photography by Lucy Chippindale


We’re hoping that our hot takes on the typical ‘new year, new me’ commitments might provide some inspiration for moving in a way you find fun, cutting down on any excess belongings for the sake of both the planet and your back and lastly, showing no fear of judgement in carrying out a new passion – no matter how absurd.


Happy New Year!