Noz’s top 21 picks for our 21st year…

Noz’s top 21 picks for our 21st year…

With mere weeks until the gates open to our own Emerald City we thought it was time to help you plan your weekend by letting you know who you absolutely cannot miss. I have put together my top 21 picks for 2019 to celebrate 21 years of the festival. Look no further for my personal recommendations of who you should catch as you ease on down the yellow brick road…

1. Rudimental

With sell out tours, BRIT awards and platinum album sales, getting Rudimental to come and DJ in my Orchard feels a bit surreal. It’s sure to be a highlight of the weekend, if not Nozstock history.

2. Sleaford Mods

Powerful, humorous and foul-mouthed, Sleaford Mods are exactly what I love in a band. I’m going to be down the front with everyone else. Be ready for some punk angst to liven up your weekend!



3. Stiff Joints – High Roller Tombola

Stiff Joints have been lighting up faces at Nozstock for years and I have a lot of love for this band. Always up for a bit of cheeky fun, this extra special show involves some crazy-ass tombola madness. And why not?!


4. Sam Brookes

Sam Brookes pure voice, evocative lyrics and soaring melodies have made him a rising figure in the alt-folk scene. By his mid-twenties, Brookes had begun to receive serious critical recognition. Make your way over to The Bandstand and you’ll see why.


5. Year of The Dog

You might already recognise Year of The Dog from their star appearance as ‘Swing Band’ on Netflix series Sex Education. The band are always up for a laugh and bring a brilliantly vibrant atmosphere to their gigs.


6. The Night Owl (plus dance class)

The Night Owl take you on a hip-shakin’ journey through the 60s 70s and 80s, mixing the best in Northern Soul, Motown, Mod, Disco and more. They are even running a dance class on Saturday morning to make sure you have those Northern Soul moves down.  Something I would definitely need, because I have two left feet.

7. Say It Again, Sorry?

My daughter’s looking forward to this so much she would never forgive me if I didn’t include it on my top picks list. Say It Again, Sorry? presents an interactive production of The Importance of Being Earnest. Audience members will be faced with an unexpected opportunity to tread the boards and express their inner Brando. With actors dropping like flies, it’ll take the whole community to make it to the finale.

8. Turno

The annual Nozstock Sunday night drum n bass rinse out is my highlight every single year. Nothing will stop me from catching this set, I’ve been looking forward to it from the moment it was booked.

9. Reginald D Hunter

Back by popular demand! Brutally honest, occasionally controversial and always flippin’ funny I’m very excited to welcome back one of the UK comedy scene’s biggest names to the farm.



10. Durkle Disco with Marcus Nasty, Boa Kusasa, Cardinal Sound, Dash Villz, Denham Audio, Juma, Koast, Mani Festo, Ngaio, Slowie, Unkey.

Durkle Disco is a Bristol based record label pushing forward thinking beats, bass & bars. They bring a massive four hour takeover including Rinsefm’s Marcus Nasty.


11. Ghettofunk AllStars ft. Profit & Natty Speaks

Ghetto Funk is a type of music I’ve always followed and respected. Ghetto Funk All Stars started out life as an online blog and record label, playing an important role in the establishment of ‘Ghetto Funk’ as a genre.

12. Sonny Wharton (10 Years of Whartone Records)

Sonny Wharton is a master of his craft, who puts absolutely everything he has into his projects. I’ve been lucky enough to count him as a friend since he first performed at Nozstock in 2008. 2019 sees Sonny mark 10 years of his Whartone Records label and I’ll be there helping him celebrate.

13. Big Jeff DJ Set

If a gig doesn’t have Big Jeff headbanging from the front row, there’s something better going on elsewhere. The man, the legend, Big Jeff has rapidly become an icon in channelling your best self through the power of music.

14. Kings of The Rollers (Hospitality Takeover)

Many of your will know that drum n bass is one of my biggest loves and few artists master a pioneering sound whilst keeping true to the roots of the craft. This is going to be a full-throttle, electrifying showcase.


15. David Rodigan

A relentless touring schedule, an incredible radio show, bestselling books, countless awards not to mention an MBE  have all helped to ensure David Rodigan has been top dog in Britains reggae dance-halls for 40 years. A true legend and British music icon you know you can’t miss this.



16. Sunken Yard – The Paint Fight

Connoisseurs of a good time, Sunken Yard is the stage to make memories at. The paint fight has become a essential part of your Nozstock weekend and this year the fights are bigger, and the games are sillier.



17. Lyrix Organix Sub:System ft Natty Speaks + Guests

Joined by the inestimable Natty Speaks, Lyrix Organix has grown an enviable reputation for unearthing the finest talent at the forefront of the UK scene and exploring the roots of spoken word.


18. The Carny Villains

I’ve wanted to get The Carny Villains to the farm for years and I’ve finally done it! Their raucous blend of ska, swing and Balkan played with the riotous energy of punk-rock is the perfect Orchard Stage sound and their humour and showmanship will have you reliving their set for weeks to come…



19. The Sunday Night Fire Show

Not to blow our own trumpet or anything but there’s a reason our closing fire show has won awards. It truly is a mind- blowing spectacle and the perfect send off for the weekend. A huge thumbs up to all the crew and performers who put so much work into this each year. I can’t wait to see what 2019’s edition has in store…

20. Henge

Henge are an act that have to be seen to believed. As the band themselves put it‘There are no Earth words to describe these sounds…’

21. Phil Kay

We are lucky enough to have this outstanding gent as a resident comedian at Noz. King of the nonsensical anecdote, Phil is back with his broken guitar, sparkling wit and empty crisp packet. Expect improvised ballads, unlikely tales and general debauchery. After all, it wouldn’t be Nozstock without Phil…

Can’t wait to enjoy all this with you,

Love Noz x