Nozstock Survey Competition!

Nozstock Survey Competition!

Got your mind on #Nozstock2020? We hear ya. We long for the day all you lovely people return for a weekend of fun on of the farm. But hold your horses. With Nozstock 2019 fresh in the memory, we’re offering you a chance to win your ticket to the farm…

All you have to do is, answer this survey. Seriously, that’s it. No catch. Just answer the survey with your honest feedback on our 21st Bromyard Bash and we’ll enter you into our prize draw.

Attended Nozstock 2019 but not sure of your plans for 2020 yet? While we’d love to have you on the farm again, we’re also offering the option of winning £100 amazon vouchers! The choice is entirely yours, two tickets to Nozstock, or £100 quid’s worth of vouchers.

We value your festival feedback greatly, and have been humbled and dumbfounded at the incredible reception we’ve had for the #WizardOfNoz. We work hard to make Nozstock happen, and it means the world to us to hear that you’ve enjoyed your time with us.

Additionally, year in year out we use your feedback to help us improve Nozstock, it really helps us build upon the years successes. Have your say, and let us know what you loved and what you didn’t.


Noz HQ x