Online ticket sales are over!

Online ticket sales are over!

To all you Last Minute Larry’s and Un-organised Una’s, you’ve missed our online ticket sales!

But do not fear! If you’re fretting that you’ve missed the boat and now all of your friends will spend the weekend watching their favourite bands, drinking local cider and basically having more fun than you… You can buy your ticket on the gate, even if you want to turn up on Thursday!

Early entry Thursday tickets – £130
Weekend ticket – £120
Sunday tickets – £35

Comments (11)

  • Katy

    Do you think there will definitely be tickets Friday night?!

    • Emily Marsden

      Hi Katy,
      Yes you will be able to buy tickets on the door on Friday!

  • Lynn

    Hi, you’ve highlighted ‘limited availability’ on the gate tickets, do you think there will be weekend tickets available on Friday evening? Also, do you have designated family camping areas?

    • Anna Stewart

      Hi Lynn, from past experiences of the festival we’d be very surprised if they sold out by Friday evening so you should be totally fine. And yes we do have family camping, which only families with kids can camp in- please see our families info page for more details: x

  • Jess

    I have two questions:
    1. Will we be able to buy Sunday day tickets before Sunday? (i.e. can I send my brother who’s camping from Friday onwards to get one for me then pick it up when I get there on Sunday?) Don’t want to miss out!
    2. Will people with Sunday day tickets be able to camp on site on Sunday night?

    • Emily Marsden

      Hi Jess,
      You cannot buy Sunday day tickets before Sunday but don’t worry you’re not going to miss out! Yes you can camp on site on Sunday night.

  • Osh


    Up until what time will we be able t o buy tickets on Friday? Potentially we could be arriving between 10pm-11pm 🙁


    • Emily Marsden

      Hi Osh,
      You will only be able to buy tickets until 10pm I’m afraid.

  • Nick

    Hi, When will the Sunday tickets be available, and what time are they valid from?

    • Beth Martin

      Hi Nick, you can buy Sunday tickets on the door on Sunday, valid from 8.30am when the ticket hut opens x

  • Hollie

    Hi is there a tickets available for tomorrow for a weekend?