Presenting Enei at the Jailhouse…

Presenting Enei at the Jailhouse…

Nozstock The Hidden Valley presents one of the freshest names to hit DnB in years, the awesome ENEI, at one of our favourite local nightclubs, the Jailhouse, Hereford this Friday 12th October.

Homegrown in St. Petersburg, Russia, Alexey Egorchenkov began his endeavours into drum n bass in 2003. Since then he has hotfooted his way to the esteemed Critical label, under the wing of Kasra, with a signing to Dutch label Fokuz en route. Last year he came away from the Drum & Bass Arena Awards with ‘Best Newcomer Producer’. You can’t really argue with those kinds of accolades.

Self-professed Photek fan, Enei has been developing his own rigid form of drum n bass, with early music inspired by Kemal and Bad Company. Nowadays, he mixes old-school Neurofunk and Techstep with fresh and trendy futuristic minimal Drum&Bass and favourites producers such as Icicle, SPY and Alix Perez.

On the subject of his new EP, Resident Advisor state: ” “Stone Head,” and to a slightly lesser extent “No Fear,” are the aural equivalent of one of those royal guards who can never, ever break a smile…. The former is one of the most aggressive tracks Enei has put his name to, but it’s all about the deafening snares rather than the punishing basslines of a track like “Cracker” (which is given a percussive makeover here by Metalheadz associate Jubei)….

Riya’s vocal turn on “No Fear” largely accomplishes the same thing, the soulful diva reduced to barking catchphrases over an especially militant beat that moves so fast it seems to double back on its own shadow before a bar can even finish (think Rockwell-level detail here). The release is rounded off with “Movin’ Fast,” which sounds like Enei’s own take on Breakbeat Kaos pop-dnb…”

We’re looking forward to seeing where this producer gets to in the coming months, but for a taste of him on the up get yourselves to the Jailhouse for some proper Drum&Bass on 12th October. You’d be a fool to miss it.