Reflections over the rainbow #WizardOfNoz

Reflections over the rainbow #WizardOfNoz

The rainbows have indeed come to an end. Can you believe it’s been over a month since we landed on the farm? We won’t forget the year the #WizardOfNoz and all of his wonders graced our green fields. And neither do all of these lovely reviewers!

We’ve had some fantastic feedback to our 21st Bromyard bash, but seeing you all laughing, dancing, and relaxing at the place we call home is the most fulfilling feedback of all. Well done on another year being wonderful Nozstockers, we were absolutely delighted that five-whole-thousand of you decided to join us again, and even more delighted to hear how much you all enjoyed it.

We had some guests on the farm this year who were kind enough to write up their Noz experiences for you all to enjoy. Here’s some of our favourite reviews & reflections on another fantastic Nozstock, and a chance for you to relive the #WizardOfNoz through the lens of some masterful writers and wordsmiths. Enjoy:


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