Rock down to Celebritree Avenue…

Rock down to Celebritree Avenue…

Mr B Celeb

Mr B’s Celebritree…

Before delighting you with his elegant rhymes about cricket, high society and pipe smoking, Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer has agreed to lay down his banjolele, gracefully remove his tweed jacket and ever so elegantly roll up his sleeves. Why you might ask? Well being the gentleman that he is, Mr.B has charmingly agreed to get his hands dirty (perhaps for the first time…) and join us at Celebritree Avenue! This is the place where Nozstockers can see the stars of the show showing us their concern for our carbon wellyprint by planting a tree. A tree that we are sure will grow to be as well dressed as the man who planted it! By doing this Mr.B will be joining a list of other greats including Molotov Jukebox, The Electric Swing Circus and The Proclaimers who’ve all planted a tree at the star studded Celebritree Avenue.


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  • AJ Blamey

    Truly a visionary futurist! Good show Mr. B. Jolly good show.

    • Anna Stewart

      well said 🙂

  • Wicki Nielsen


    • Anna Stewart

      Sunday afternoon 🙂 x