Stroll into the Wild, Wild West…

Stroll into the Wild, Wild West…

There’s a strange feeling in the Hidden Valley these days. Tumbleweeds are appearing over the hills, cacti are growing through the brambles and- slightly more traumatising- our farmers have taken to wearing, ahem, ‘chaps’. There’s only one explanation for this Nozzers, we must be getting ready for a huge weekend in the Wild West this July! It’s our official theme for 2013, so dig out your cowboy hats, fringed moccasins, saloon skirts and darn good John Wayne impressions while we set to work making this farm wild enough for the both us!


Nozstock 2012_Paul Appleby

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  • Dennis

    YeeeeHa. Can’t wait! … ‘avin palpitations ‘ere as I check daily for signs of a fix for your ticket prob’s. I keep tellin’ myself, “keep calm – all will be well” ….. keep calm …. keep calm …. keep calm … calm …. calm …. calm …. calm ……….