Teen Tickets Sold Out!

Teen Tickets Sold Out!

So popular have they been that we’ve sold out of teen tickets for Nozstock The Hidden Valley 2011! However, if you’re in a family and were hoping to buy concession tickets don’t despair. There are a limited number of ‘Adult & Young Teen Bundles’ to buy online.

*Please note that teens must be aged between 13 and 16 years old to be included in this ticket purchase. 17 year olds are not included.*

So if you fancy joining the hoe-down and want to get your teens in cheaper than the full price adult tickets get booking now before these ones sell out too.

Things are hotting up on the Farm, with structures getting built, artwork getting painted and ideas flowing. If you want to get in free to Nozstock 2011 then get applying as volunteer places are filling up quickly. If you’re friendly and you’ve got the gift of the gab we want to hear from you.

We can smell the summer… Can you?