Thank you for the best Nozstock ever

Thank you for the best Nozstock ever

On July 29th this year, Nozstock The Hidden Valley opened it’s gates to eager party-goers, promised a proper weekend festival experience to remember. 2011 was our best year yet and there can be no denying it. From the punchy rock-n-roll of the Jim Jones Revue, alongside gargantuan beats from the Foreign Beggars, some serious arm-flailing raving was had. Plus proper country-loving cider-swilling melodies courtesy of the Wurzels were given a run for their money by the joy-soaked finale provided by Americana rollers Vintage Trouble. It was a three-day extravaganza of stimulation for tots, drinkers, dancers, foodies, ravers and rockers.

Promising an all-inclusive experience for grandad and the toddler, Nozstock didn’t miss a beat this year across all eight stages plus hidden treats came in the form of late night cinematic VJ shows, burlesque seductions, folk jams round the fire, sock wrestling and opera from a doused Ophelia on Sheersy’s Lake. Laughing Stock built on its sterling history with some insightful wits and rousing belly rumbles. It was an ultimate and we’re still recovering.

But don’t let us cajole you. If you need reminding of how much fun was had, or if you made the mistake of not coming and want a taster of what might be in store for you come 2012 then see what the journalists made of it.

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In essence though, Nozstock is only as good as the people that make it and that includes all our crew, volunteers, artists and punters. You were all great fun, good sports and game. And you made this the best Nozstock yet. To revel in the past, check out the Gallery for the latest pics.