Theme announcement: “INTO THE GREAT UNKNOWN”

Theme announcement: “INTO THE GREAT UNKNOWN”

The magical land of Noz is gone. What remains is left crumbling in its ruins, rising from the ashes at frightening speed. Who knows what we will find in the deepest depths of the Hidden Valley?

2020 seemed a distant timestamp of futuristic fantasy, yet here we are. Together, exploring the wonders of all that’s passed, and all to come. Into the Great Unknown we go. Explore with us.

From rapid technological advancement to civilisations and their mysteries long-since-forgotten, join us in 2020 for our most enigmatic evolution yet.

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2020 theme announcement banner



Celebrate intrepid explorers and insatiable wanderlust as we delve into lost cities in the deepest depths of the Ocean, traverse through the ghostly expanse of space, and arduously wade through swampy jungles and arctic tundras. This year we transform the farm into a land worthy of the greatest and wackiest explorations imaginable.

Think Doc Brown, Buzz Lightyear, Moana and Katniss Everdeen, castaways and the best scientific minds butting heads with tantric futurists and eco-warriors. Don your lab coat, space wings or snow boots and get trekking.

Observe the fantastical nature of the wondrous universe we find ourselves in, the vastness of its mystery and magnitude. Part gloriously intoxicating wonderland, part future-bound apocalyptic wasteland, with so much to discover – what will you find?

One thing’s for certain, as is the case with our celebrations every year… Our farm is set to be full of some of the most wonderful, weirdest, fun-filled and exciting people in this universe. You lovely lot. See you in July!

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