2016’s Celebritree – Henning Wehn

2016’s Celebritree – Henning Wehn

Henning Wehn is not only a comedy connoisseur, he cares about the planet too. This year, as well as gracing the Laughing Stock with his downright hilarity, Mr Wehn is our very own Celebritree Avenue tree planter. We caught up with the German comedy ambassador to discuss all things green.

Henning Wehn
Q: What does being ‘green’ really mean to you?

A: To have some awareness of the environmental impact of your actions.

Q: Why you think it’s important for cities like your own to be filled with trees?

A: Trees are obviously important to clean the air and as a habitat for wildlife. Trees are also crucial to generate a sense of community. Wherever there’s trees, plants or flowers it feels like an obvious place to come and pass the time.

Q: Nature has inspired us for centuries, can you tell us about a time when it’s inspired you?

A: Never mind inspiring, I feel the countryside is mocking me. When I encounter fields and forests and clean air they tend to look at me and ask: “What are you doing living in London? You’ve only got one life and you’re wasting it there? What sort of tool are you?” What can I say? Their guess is as good as mine. It makes no sense.

Q: Are you looking forward to heading out to the sticks for Nozstock festival? Do you enjoy rural festivals?
A: I have been to Nozstock a good 10 years ago. It was essentially a small Do in someone’s garden. I wonder how the festival has changed. I wouldn’t mind it being a bit less wet than that year but I hope the character is still the same.

We simply can’t wait to see Henning Wehn planting his feet firmly on stage AND in Noz’s Celebritree Avenue this year.