T>I Interview

T>I Interview


Caitlin caught a moment with drum and bass DJ T>I, to discuss all things Nozstock, his distinct sound and earliest influences. With dnb heavyweights such as Andy C and Hype supporting his music for over twenty years, we can’t wait to see what smouldering mixes he conjures up in 2021 in his B2B set with Saxxon.


The name T>I means Total Integration. What’s the story behind the name?

It did but now it stands for “The Infuriator” tagged from a few ex girlfriends but all in all it seems to be the vibe at some club sets. I seem to infuriate the crowd as they stick their fingers up at me a lot so it kinder fits better.


Tell us about how you got into drum and bass. Who did you grow up listening to?

My older brother Daniel and his friend took me to my first Rave in 94. Just left school bang next minute I was raving at Dreamscape in the Sanctuary MK, fell in love with the music and the rave culture and now here we are today.


Can you remember the first rave you ever went to?

Dreamscape 11 although I saw the Prodigy at a Travellers site rave in Wymondham where I grew up back in 92, that was a random first rave to be fair.


Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the latest LP ‘Blank Canvas’?

Its name means nothing has to have a meaning its blank it can be what ever you make it, the names bare no relevance to each other so its kinder works for me.


Drum and bass is a lot about the bootlegs, the remixes and collaborations. How important is it for you to release a full length album?

Some albums fall on deaf ears now the release schedules are so regular but I’m not bogged down with that race, I just want djs to bang my tunes in the mix and have fun. I don’t trend produce, I just make what I like playing and if people like them then that’s amazing.


You’ve played all over the globe, but what’s been your favourite venue to play so far?

A few really so it’s hard to say, Manchester Warehouse Project was some epic kinder rave venue so I’m gonna go with that one.


It’s your first time at Nozstock…what are you expecting?

Banging sound systems I’m hoping for 😉


Who are you looking forward to seeing at Nozstock?

There’s so many I couldn’t pick one, depending on other gigs I have that weekend is who I can get a chance to see.


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Interviewer: Caitlin Scott