Win tickets to Nozstock 2016

Win tickets to Nozstock 2016


Got anything to say about your 2015 festival experiences? Every year the Association of Independent Festivals surveys festiheads across the country to find the latest trends in festival travel, sustainability, eating habits and audience opinions. Fill in the survey below to be in with a chance of winning tickets to Nozstock 2016:

Comments (11)

  • Emma

    *~*siMpLy lOveTasTiC*~*

  • Charlie

    I have been a festival go’er since 1988 and have been to some awsome festivals and some not so awsome festival’s in those year’s!, In 2014 a friend told me i should check out Nozstock and raved on about it so I went along with them to Noz and had a great time, in fact I had a way better time at Noz in 2014 than i’d had at in a few year’s, It kinda reminded me of Glastonbury way back when only traveller’s and like minded people partied with Micheal Eves at worthy farm, back in the good old day’s when you could take your kids and vehicals and have a great time ( with real people who just want to have a good time) without all that commercial bullshit!, anyway 2014 sealed Nozstock’s place in My favourite festival of the year, Nozstock 2015 was even better than the previous year dispite the fact Wu Tang cancelled Everyone in our party 10 had a f@@king epic time! and will most definatly be back in 2016 :). Dispite the fact that the festival i went to the following weekend happened to win fest festival of 2015 award, I do not agree with the judges decision I most definatly had a way better time at Nozstock! “Bigger is Not always better!!” for me the winner of best festival would have gone to Nozstock because for me (and take into account i went to both) Nozstock blew the official winner out of the water when it came to atmosphere :). See you all in 2016 you’l find my old ass bouncing in the cubicals ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Anna Stewart

      Hiya Charlie – thanks so much for your kind words and we’re so glad you’ll be joining us again in 2016… we have to agree with you about bigger not always being better, but we’re biased, of course…. X

  • Wayne

    Without a doubt one of the most chilled out peaceloving festivals ive ever been to. Can’t wait till next year

    • Anna Stewart

      Neither can we Wayne! Thanks for comin’ x

  • joe

    It wash just great ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Anna Stewart

      thanks joe! X

  • Rosie Davies

    A mazing
    W onderful
    E njoyable
    S ensational
    O ptical
    M emorable
    E xperience

    • Ella

      Why thank you Rosie ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Corrie Edwards

    I didn’t go last year! But just heard someone talking about the festival on Radio 6… I’d really like to take the family!

    • Ella

      Come along and enjoy a weekend on the farm Corrie! x