Advisory Group Call Out for 2022

Advisory Group Call Out for 2022

Advisory Group call out

Nozstock is seeking individuals with a passion for music and arts festivals to form an advisory group to assist the festival across planning, strategy and creative development. We’re keen for the festival to continue providing magical experiences for audiences, and we believe diversity of insight is key to this.

The festival is run by the Nosworthy family, supported by a 100+ committee of enthusiasts, area managers and volunteers, who all give their creative input into the design of the event. However, we recognise that many of us working on the event are similar people with similar perspectives, and we know that getting insights from under-represented people will ensure we provide a more inclusive experience for our audiences, artists and crew.

We aim to:

● Create opportunities for people from various backgrounds to work at the festival and develop their skills, getting a foothold into the industry
● Programme artists that represent the breadth of difference illustrated by our UK population, bringing creative excellence to our event
● Welcome audiences who are currently underrepresented in Nozstock’s fanbase, countering barriers to attendance

Successful advisors will be asked to:
● Attend 2 meetings (no longer than 90 minutes each) a year to provide opinions and feedback to the festival team
● Respond to ad hoc questions (eg. around programming, production, recruitment) as and when queries arise. These would be limited to emails no more frequent than once every 2 months
● Bring their lived experience to bear in the perspectives they share

Advisors will be paid a fee of £200 each for this support and participation. Any expenses included as part of the role will also be covered, but must be agreed in advance.

All comments and opinions voiced in advisory roles will be confidential and only anonymised information will be shared with the wider festival community. Members of the advisory group will be published publicly. The group will be reassessed annually for any changes in membership.

You can find Nozstock’s equality, diversity and inclusion policy here, and the accompanying statement & plan here.

If you have any questions, comments, or you’re interested in joining the group, please send a short written/video/audio statement on email to [email protected] by 07th June 2022, outlining your reasons for wanting to join and how you’re suitable. Please include any preferred communication methods, and access needs you may need meeting for correspondence. We’ll have a brief and informal chat with any shortlisted candidates before
making selections during June.