The Nozstock 2024 Line up is here!

The Nozstock 2024 Line up is here!

a collage of the different headline acts profiles


It’s the final countdown, the last ever Nozstock, the ultimate party. We are more than ready to launch our favourite artists this summer on the famous Nosworthy Farm once again, for the very last time. 


This year is about bringing back the favourites, and the names we’ve always wanted to bring to the farm. The aim is to represent Nozstock for its eclecticness and its diversity, to create that ‘Noz sound’ we all know and love for the whole weekend, and we think we’ve succeeded in doing just that. So, lasso yourselves together and get ready for a nostalgic and exciting piece of news. Here we go…


The first artists we want to bring to the forefront are none other than our Orchard Stage features, of course. These performers are legends of their craft and we cannot wait for them to give us a taste of their musical choices. GROOVE ARMADA will be lighting up the stage as our Saturday night headliner, a newcomer to the farm but we think they will fit right in. Another high class DJ this way comes, our noz-appointed resident ANDY C will be blowing the roof off for the final time as our drum & bass headliner. The fun doesn’t stop there as we bring Arrested Development, Boney M and House Gospel Choir in for the ultimate chance to get us singing and dancing the night away. All three offer something completely amazing and different from one another. We don’t know about you, but our cowboy boots and vocal chords will be getting some good use after seeing these three. A few more favourites will be returning to offer a fantastic send off, GARDNA and DUTTY MOONSHINE BIG BAND are back on the Orchard Stage once more! This year we’ve decided to bring it all together with a bit of noz-talgia. A live tribute to the 26 years of Noz will take place on Sunday night to remind us all of where we started and how far we’ve come. Be sure to catch that and prepare to shed a few tears. More info coming soon!

Beyond the orchard comes the garden that started it all, the Garden stage welcomes a variety of skilled acts, some we know and love and some we can’t wait to host. DILLINJA will be going back to back with RANDALL & GQ for a killer set you won’t want to miss. A LITTLE SOUND will be performing for us for the first time and we are beyond excited to see what energy she will bring with her. Not far behind is another high energy, garage loving group of girls that we loved so much the first time around, 24HR GARAGE GIRLS are bringing their all singing, dancing and djing skills to summer 2024. The girls are bossing their way across the garden as HARRIET JAXXON returns with a drum & bass set, we’re still not over the last set Harriet performed for us, so we’re sure you’ll want to catch this. Hip Hop/Rap mixed with dance worthy production as always will shine across the Garden stage as we welcome LEAFDOG & BVA as well as KRAFTY KUTS vs THE FREESTYLERS,  THE NEXTMEN ft. Reggae vocalist KIKO BUN, ASKILLZ, BADGER and ‘Something Good’ producers UTAH SAINTS. We’re in for the rave of the decade with these artists, plus many more that know how to get your blood pumping and the bass flowing from the speakers.

PHOAR! Have we got some big names for such a modest cow shed this year. TURNO & DREPS are bringing the fire alongside BREAK, ENEI & JAKES and the crew representing some top tier drum & bass artists; BORN ON ROAD ft. SELECTA J MAN, ARIES & KELVIN 373. Returning for a second time after their shows were such a big hit last time, CHARLIE TEE and MANDIDEXTROUS are sure to bring some extra bassy tunes to rattle the corrugated iron. Joining us as a very special guest is SASASAS, plus so many returning Nozstock favourites, JENKS, ACP, FRENETIC, KATALYST, FRENCHISH & ELKAY, OCTO PI, CHILLZ ,MODIFY PERSPECTIVE, TRAFIC MC, MC AD, SAVVY B, REMIDY MC.

Now it wouldn’t be Nozstock if we didn’t have 7 OTHER STAGES to showcase more talent, get you into some arty farty goodness and get you laughing till your belly hurts.

It’s an underground club but fabricated within the Nozstock farm, The Bullpen was such a firm favourite last year, we had to make sure to impress you again this year. Joining us for 2024 we have: Kitten Club ft Fluro, Demetria & Eresid, DnB City – Wootown Takeover, Nu Motive, TS Audio Takeover, Bennie, The Beefy Boys DJs, Jam Junction Productions Takeover.

Taking you from Reggae in the Day and House at night, as well as an especially silly disco happening on Sunday night. Elephant’s Grave is the mysterious place down the garden path you’ll want to explore. With your own private bar and toilets inside, you’ll never want to leave!

Down where the lost secrets are kept locked away in the cabinet, never to be let loose.. there’s some mischievous musicians about to unlock it just in time for July. If you’ve not guessed it already, it’s The Cabinet of Lost Secrets! If you’ve taken a trip down the rabbit hole before, you’ll remember this place as where you lost your head but gained some great memories. Expect foot stomping, euphoric, joyful and bizarre performances in here, if you can find the door that is. 

The Altered State is everything you could ever need, with the biggest belly laughs echoing from Laughing Stock (inside the Department of Cultural Affairs), to Primary School Bangers bringing together every age and plenty of workshops for you and the family to get stuck into. Bringing you into the night is Slippery Slope, aptly named as being similar to a miniature coliseum, will be playing a variety of boogie-worthy sounds for a late night disco. 

We’ve always prided ourselves on bringing some new sound to the Nozstock stages and introducing you all to the up and coming acts. The Bandstand does just that, we’ve got plenty for you to catch whilst you enjoy the first pint of the day or whilst the young’uns are off to the Little Wonderland and you don’t want to stray too far!

Not forgetting the magical Coppice, delivering psytrance and techno through to the early hours for the mega party starters among us. You’ll get stuck in as soon as you hear the bass radiating through the fields. 

This isn’t the end, it’s simply just the beginning. All this and so much more will take place at Nozstock The Hidden Valley 2024, join us as we immerse ourselves fully into the wild west for the Last Dance Saloon. Cowboy boots & hats at the ready, folks! You’re going to need a worthy stead (a tent) and the rest of your cow girl/boy crew to join you on this one. 


a collage of the different headline acts profiles