Howdy y’all! 


The sunnier days are upon us and festival season is now in full swing. Nozstock is less than a month away and we are on the edge of our seats to welcome you all back to the farm. If this is your first time joining us, welcome to the gang!


This Nozstock will deliver a big ol’ shindig, where the yee-haws will be heard, beats will be felt and our hearts will be full. As we prepare our ground to become an immersive Western paradise for you all, you can find comfort in knowing that we’ve prepared an ‘essentials list’ to help you prepare yourselves for a good ol’ time. 


When you’re getting ready for a festival, it’s easy to remember the exciting bits like costumes, outfits, biodegradable glitter and all other shiny and glowing trinkets. It’s super important not to forget the essential bits to keep yourself safe.




  • Your ticket and ID! You won’t get far without those. For any information about tickets, click here.
  • Any other passes; live-in, parking etc. Click here for more information. 
  • Your phone – it’s easy to store your tickets on your phone and you can take plenty of pictures and make sure to tag us so that we can see and show off your consensually shared content to our page. We recommend bringing a portable charger too!
  • Money – you can use cash on site as well as your card. 
  • A reusable water bottle – Staying hydrated is so important. We encourage people to bring reusable products to reduce single-use plastics and help out our girl, Mother Nature. There are plenty of water-points throughout the site for your convenience. Let’s all make an effort to be a part of making our environment a cleaner and more sustainable place. 
  • Your tent – seemingly obvious, but just in case it’s slipped the mind. It helps to know how to put your tent up so do a practice run at home beforehand. Otherwise, bring helpful friends (who have a ticket) or camp next to nice people who may offer a helping hand. If you don’t fancy the idea of pitching your own tent, click here for information about Glamping onsite. Bring a torch or lantern for your tent, you won’t regret it. 
  • Comfortable sleeping equipment; This includes a sleeping bag and a rollmat or airbed (if you’re feeling boujee, this can be upgraded with a duvet and pillow. Home comforts are unmatched). Don’t forget your pyjamas too!
  • Further comforts include camping chairs – there’s nothing wrong with sunbathing on the grass but putting your feet up for a bit will be enjoyed more in a comfy chair.
  • Bin bags – Going back to the point of keeping our space clean. We take pride in how awesome our guests are at showing love to our space and if you could continue the effort, that would be great. It makes things a lot easier for yourselves and your neighbours if your campsite isn’t a trash spot and brings warmth to our hard-working team’s hearts to know that you care as much as we do.  
  • A torch for extra visibility in the dark – tripping over guideropes is never fun but if we had a pound for every time we have, we’d be rich.
  • A bum bag – stylish and practical.
  • Prepare for the sun with SPF cream, sunglasses and a hat. Nobody wants a burnt scalp, cowboy hats encouraged. 
  • Toiletries such as toothpaste & a toothbrush, hand sanitiser, toilet roll, deodorant and shower bits such as soap/shampoo and a towel.  


Here is a link to a page with information on how to keep your possessions safe during your stay. 


We’re sending many a request to the sun Gods to bless us with all of its radiant beauty and keep the grounds dry for your stay. With this in mind, remember that we are based in the UK and the weather is unpredictable so pack things to keep yourself dry too.


Stay dry and comfortable by bringing the following:

  • A raincoat and other waterproof garments of your choice. 
  • Wellies – we are based on a farm so it can get muddy if the rain does decide to make an uninvited appearance. 


Now that you’re all filled in on what to remember, don’t forget the things we do not permit on site. 


Do not bring any of the following: 

  • Glass – we are an active farm and the risk of broken glass does not only extend to your bare foot campsite neighbours but our lovely animal residents who occupy the farm throughout the year. 
  • Fireworks or flares – we have enough sparkly and fiery entertainment going on during the festival. Don’t risk getting yourself in trouble by bringing your own. 
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Aerosols/ Spray Cans
  • Portable laser equipment and pens.
  • Unauthorised professional film or video equipment, professional audio recording equipment. 
  • Campfires or BBQs.
  • Chinese lanterns. 
  • Drones. 
  • CBD buds – oil form only. 
  • Sound systems (We have enough of those).


Our full rules and regulations can be read here.


If you do forget anything, we have a huge variety of traders onsite who may be able to sort you out with the bits you need. Alternatively, the regular shuttle bus provides easy access to our local town, Bromyard, that has a variety of independent shops, grocers and charity shops for any last-minute needs. 


Now if you’ve gotten this far into the read, congratulations, you’re a well-informed individual and should be all prepared to have a good dance and even better time. You can take pride in being one of the better prepared individuals. Now all you need is to get as excited as we are and get yourselves to us! 


See you soon for our last hoorah 🙂