Don’t fancy grabbing the reins and riding off on a stallion? We’ve got you. The coaches to Nozstock are set up for the easiest journey to and from your home town.

Following all of the fun we had under the sea at Nozstock 2023, we are delighted to welcome you back for one last hootananny!! Nozstock 2024.

Nozstock the Hidden Valley 2024’s theme is The Last Dance Saloon so dig out your chaps, cowboy hats and practice those “yeeehaws” because we’ve got an obsession with the Western. 

If you’re thinking of choosing to travel to us via coach – awesome! You’re reducing your carbon footprint which pleases the planet and showing your face here, which pleases us! 

We’re offering official and exclusive coach travel from London, Bristol and Hereford.




If you’d like to travel from London, you’ll be catching the bus from St Pancras Coach station on Thursday 18th of July at 12pm. This is roughly a 3 hour journey so you’ll be with us for mid-afternoon. This single journey comes at a bargain fee of £27.81. 

If you’d like to make it a return journey, you can jump on the coach from our festival site and go all the way back to St Pancras Coach Station in London for an additional £27.81. This makes the total return trip £55.62. The coach will leave Nozstock at 10am on Monday 18th of July. 


Bristol Crew!

If you’d like to join us on our venture into the wild, wild west via Coach, you’ll be able to travel to our site from Bristol Temple Meads Train Station on Thursday the 18th of July at 2pm. This is just short of a 2 hour journey, meaning that you’d be with us for roughly 4pm. This single journey fee is £24.60. 


Head back to Bristol Temple Meads Train Station from the festival site on Monday 22nd of July @ 10am for £24.60. This makes the total return trip £49.20. 



If you’d like to get on the coach from Hereford to Nozstock, you’ll be getting on the coach from Hereford Train Station on Thursday at 7pm. This is roughly a half hour journey. A single journey fee is £8.56. You can get the coach back to Hereford train station on Monday morning at 11am for a fee of £8.56, making the total fee for a return trip a humble 



Book here to get more information on ticket prices and availability. 


We would love to see you at our last gathering – Nozstock The Hidden Valley 2024. Don’t miss this rodeo, partners!


Written by K. Fox