The Garden Stage Line Up

The Garden Stage Line Up

Ah, the Garden Stage. The only stage at the very first Nozstock 26 years ago, still going strong. Famed for its Sunday night drum ‘n’ bass takeovers and the subject of many a memorable makeover over the years, the Garden is the favourite stage of many a long-term Nozzer. Come take a closer peek at who’ll be performing for you this year, back where it all began …


Starting off strong, industry legends Dillinja and Randall we be providing us with a b2b set packed with the darkest, dirtiest basslines and tighter-than-tight beats. Joining them on the mic will be GQ, an MC who’s been top of the game for over 3 decades. Turntablist extraordinaire A.Skillz will be shaking up a unique musical cocktail infused with his signature flavour of funk, while Nozstock favourite Harriet Jaxxon will be once more gracing us with her fresh take on drum ‘n’ bass. After their epic showcase at Nozstock 2023, genre-spanning all-female collective Kitten Club will be back, featuring sets from Esme Banks and Artemis. Devotee of underground hip-hop, Leaf Dog, will be wowing us with his inventive punchlines and catchy hooks, joined by inimitable West Country lyricist BVA. Accomplished producer, rapper and co-founder of Blah Records, Lee Scott, will be bringing his pals for one last hip-hop celebration in the Garden, while renowned house duo Utah Saints will be back to show us how it’s done. 

dilinja posing with one arm on his neck

For something a little different, ska-punk-rap fusion group Karl Phillips and The Rejects will be bringing their skank-tastic live show. Homegrown hip-hop legend Skitz and MC all-rounder Joe Burn made a lasting impression on us when they last performed in 2019, so we couldn’t not invite them back for one final party. Trafic MC and DJ Will Perez will be showcasing Trafic’s biggest releases with a mixture of 140bpm, bass-heavy hip-hop and drum ‘n’ bass, while rising jazz rap star Tripplejayy will be wowing us with his charismatic stage presence. You may recognise her as the vocalist behind some of d’n’b’s biggest recent anthems: A Little Sound will be making a big racket on the Garden Stage this summer. Make sure you save some room for Lickshot’s smorgasbord of ska, nu-metal, hip-hop, grime and punk – and then report for dancing duty in the battle between UK breakbeat and bass pioneer Krafty Kuts and bass music renegades Freestylers. 

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If that’s not enough for ya, DJ and producer duo The Nextmen will be bringing their genre-hopping reckless abandon to a set alongside the mighty multi-instrumentalist Kiko Bun. The Farm’s favourite mustelid, UK garage, bass house and jungle aficionado Badger, will be emerging from his set for one last hurrah, while the all-nite party people 24hr Garage Girls will be shutting it down and hyping us up once again. Amphibian beat-maker and word-sayer Harvs Le Toad will be showcasing his effortless flow and lyricism for us all, while Dub Catalyst will be getting things moving with their catchy hooks, pop-injected vocals and vibrant horns. He’s not just for vegans: DJ Chris Tofu will be cooking up a wholesome feast featuring all things vintage,  remix and raucous. 


Seeing us off for a final Sunday night session, who else could it be but the Nozstock All Stars? Legendary favourites including Sonny Wharton, Octo Pi, Choppa and Dex will be steering us into the drum ‘n’ bass sunset one last time. Local heroes Arcadia Roots will be putting us all into a trance with their hypnotic blend of trance, dance, reggae and roots music, and Subwork return for another of their legendary takeovers, this time featuring main man Tenz as well as luminary hip-hop MC Dr Syntax and, of course, Nozstock institution Natty Speaks, who will also be hosting, freestyling and entertaining all over the place all weekend long. 


Phew – not bad for a festival that started off as a humble, homegrown BBQ, eh? If you wanted to spend the whole weekend parked in front of the Garden Stage, we wouldn’t blame you: there’s definitely worse places to enjoy your Last Dance Saloon here in the Hidden Valley…