The Nozstock 2024 theme is….LAST DANCE SALOON!

The Nozstock 2024 theme is….LAST DANCE SALOON!

Well, the cat’s out of the bag, Nozstockers. After many months of deliberation, discussion, and a few tears here and there, we’ve come to the decision that 2024 will be the last Nozstock as we know it. 

That doesn’t mean that the gates to Rowden Paddocks will be swinging shut permanently after next summer: on the contrary, we’ll be using this as an opportunity to try out a whole host of different parties, events and formats from 2025 onwards. But before we do that, we want to have one last good old fashioned muddy British weekender to see these crazy 26 years out with a bang. A hoot, holler and a hoedown, if you will. 

If that didn’t tip you off … the theme for Nozstock: The Hidden Valley 2026, aka The Best Nozstock Known To Man (We Really Mean It This Time) is … LAST DANCE SALOON!

We don’t want to see a single one of you without a cowboy hat on. Compulsory shoot-out at dawn every day. The food stalls will be selling pork, beans, and moonshine they brewed in a bathtub ONLY. And there won’t be a dry eye in the house as we welcome you all to the Farm to dance your socks off until the cows, finally, come home.


Nozstock 2024 theme

Our decor team are already dreaming up ways to turn our lush green valley into a Texan desert, and the programmers have been taking a stroll down memory lane to invite back some of our favourite acts from years gone by. Best believe we’ll be calling in a favour or two: expect to see our stages packed with festival legends, I-can’t-believe-they’ve-come-all-the-way-to-Bromyard stars, and nostalgic classics you remember from your very first Nozstock. Never dressed up for a theme before? We want to see you going all out. This is your chance to bust out that fringed leather ensemble you’ve been looking for an excuse to wear. Pantomime horse costume sat in the attic gathering dust? Sorted! 

We’re heading back to our roots here in the Wild, Wild West (Midlands). Bring your best mate. Bring your grandma. Bring yourself and the best darn vibes you can muster. Book Thursday and Monday off work this year, cos we’re in it for the long haul. Put on your finest pair of assless chaps and start practicing your line dancin’, pardner. Nobody knows what the future holds, out there in the uncharted post-Nozstock territory. Right now, it’s time for us to drink the Garden Bar dry and party like it’s 1899.

If you want to be able to tell your grandkids that you were at the last ever Nozstock weekender, grab your ticket here.