Altered State

Altered State

In a post-coup land where citizens have been left to piece together their own rules of engagement, incredible practitioners of theatre, circus and craft work have moved in to make the Altered State the new epicentre of play and surreal expression at Noz. By day expect the unexpected – games, workshops, impromptu paint fights at The Sunken Yard – and by night party on with fire shows, disco tunes and madcap roaming performances. The Altered State is yours for the taking; come and make your mark…

2019 LINE UP


If good old fashioned wit and hilarity are your thing then this is the place for you. Staging a Saturday & Sunday evening takeover of the Department of Cultural Affairs, the Laughing Stock comedians will have you cackling your way into the stratosphere. Don’t break a rib. Seriously.


Filled with strange occurrences, enthralling drama, side-splitting poetry and moments of pure magic, the Department of Cultural Affairs is the Altered State’s focal point for all things theatre, culture and discussion.


Let your eyes be boggled by the State’s mind-bending resident performance artists who weave, wind, twizzle and sizzle their way across the site for your pure pleasure and astonishment. For the joiners among you there are games-a-plenty – have a go at archery, join a flash mob or be our paint fight champion…there’ll be surprises ’round every corner.


Be wowed by the skills on show as our clever craft bods offer demonstrations of traditional techniques, weaving a bit of magic and creating beauty from all nature provides. Fancy yourself the industrious type? Take advantage of a rare opportunity to get hands-on experience and guidance from the masters themselves. By night, sparks fly in an apocalyptic battle of metal vs. man…

Climate change and destruction of our environment are the biggest issues our generation need to tackle. The craft techniques learned in the past will become part of our sustainable future. Handmade items and using recycled or natural materials are infinitely better for our planet and soul than mass produced plastic destined for landfill. This year’s craft area will be an opportunity to glean the skills to make a better future and learn ways to lower our footprint on the planet, all whilst listening to folk music in relaxing gardens and drinking a cold smoothie. Catch the daily discussions about our climate crises and the empowering changes we can make to our lives.  All from the power of the sun and the bicycle, with our Slippery Stage powered by ROBPOWER solar energy.