Cabinet of Lost Secrets

Cabinet of Lost Secrets

Back for the very last time, come and indulge yourself in our tunnel, play, dance, party and explore until the end of time! We plan to smash some electric funk vibes to the max, so party with us if you dare…..

“Don’t be shy – enter our tunnel and see what’s inside. Relax in our den and let us entertain you. You might find a place of lost secrets where the animals party, where strange things found in time are collected and stored. Uncover big earth shaking funk and world grooves to make you move, plus uniquely wonderful experimental and electronic soundscapes & performances.”

Shortlisted for the AIF Festival Award ‘Most Unique Arena 2015’, The Cabinet of Lost Secrets offers you its season finale, bringing you a 8th and final slice of delicious grooves and weirdness at Nozstock the Hidden Valley.

As we say goodnight, we welcome back some of our favourites alongside new musical flavours. Explore our different spaces inside and out, with big grooves, surprises, characters and dancing awaiting you in this strange underground lair, with a darkly Western twist!

Get properly ‘funked up’ with live funk & world rhythms; bathe yourself in experimental electronica, unusual performance and pop ups; love our dj funksters, and remember to keep an eye out for the secrets……

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