Elephant’s Grave

Elephant’s Grave

2017 welcomed a brand new area to Nozstock, Elephant’s Grave. Set just below the Garden Bar and adjacent to Lake Shepherd, Elephant’s Grave is a haven for dub and reggae in the daytime and house and techno after dark…

Local Legend tells of a Chapman’s Circus from Birmingham, who hosted a menagerie of magnificent creatures to enthralled spectators. But during the Second World War the Circus could no longer operate and the owner, Miss Chapman, who Noz himself remembers as a young child, moved to Bromyard – living on the neighbouring Tack Farm.

Stories from the time talk of her strange collection of exotic beasts parading through Bromyard’s high street. Part of the Nozstock site was then owned by Miss Chapman. In fact the banks you can see on the other side of the lake and The Coppice were home to her animals. As the creatures passed away they were buried around the farm.

The remains of an elephant was found near the top gate in the early 70s. Although nobody is sure exactly where the rest of the animals are laid to rest, we know Miss Chapman’s matriach elephant was buried near Lake Shepherd, right underneath your feet…


Elephants Grave – Reggae By Day

Elephants Grave – House By Night