Little Wonderland

Little Wonderland

Here at Nozstock we embrace the whole family festival experience – this means you will find great activities and entertainment for all. Our children’s space is a friendly, welcoming environment for both parents and littles alike. All are welcome to get creative, be amazed by wondrous stories, sculptures and entertainment, or roll your sleeves up for some physical fun. Because we know that engaged minds and fingers mean happy kids, your little ones will leave with a whole heap of things they have made and magic moments that they will never forget. All events and activities are free of charge in the kids area, as we strongly believe families shouldn’t foot the bill for festival fun. We even offer a bottle warming service! Workshops are carried out by the lovely crew from Spare Rooms Arts. Spare Room Arts has been running for 9 years, specialising in outdoor events and music festivals. Working nationwide, providing innovative and creative arts workshops to people of all ages, and even gaining gold awards for arts areas!


  • We have wall space ready for you. Learn some of the tricks to good street art. Get tagging!

  • Come and have a go at live screen printing. See the tricks involved and update your t shirts, bags or hoodies.

  • Have fun creating your own beats!This workshop will teach you the basics of beatboxing technique, and how to apply what you’ve learnt to your own music.

  • This high octane workshop will teach you some basic break dancing moves and our professionals will demonstrate some cool tricks you can work your way up to.

  • Take time for your self in this mandala drawing workshop. Mandalas are used in meditation to slow down the mind and let you re boot yourself . Just what you need to unwind for an hour at a busy festival. A workshop for teenagers and adults.

  • Want to make your tent just a bit more cosy? Come and learn how to make your very own rag rug and it will soon be oozing shabby chic. Spare Room Arts aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible . This workshop uses entirely recycled fabric.


  • Pimp Souls will be running dance workshops through the weekend teaching skills and helping to build confidence. Come and learn to move like the professionals!

  • Open all day everyday with enough art materials to decorate Bromyard! Come and make whatever you like, anything from a doodle to an adventurous art project! Whatever you have in mind, the crew at Spare Room Arts will be on hand to help you create your masterpiece.

  • Adults and children’s yoga is back by popular demand. Take an hour out to reset and stretch your way through the day.

  • Be like Glinda the good witch and come and create your very own magic wands, crowns and wings to wear around the festival! Sparkly!

  • Hello my pretties! You’ll be mistaken for the wickedest witch in the west once you’ve made yourself a scary, witchy hat to wear.

  • Always good for finding your tent at the end of a long day! Come and make a flag with us, paper or fabric and as funky as you like!

  • Thespians! Budding directors! Get involved in our puppet making workshop to create your own cast for our pop up theatre! There for you to put on your own shows over the festival or recreate your favourite scenes with Dorothy, Toto and all your Oz friends…

  • The Tin Man and The Scarecrow were searching for a heart and a brain. If only they had come to Nozstock they could have made themselves these amazing badges and everyone could have helped them in their search!

  • We don’t need a wizard to give us courage. We can show everyone we have it within us already by making our very own courage rosettes to wear around the festival.

  • Lost your Ruby Slippers? Never fear! There’s no need to be lost in the land of Noz, not when you have your very own lantern to light the way home. Come and get involved in our lantern making workshop which you can take home at the end of the weekend.

  • Immersive and interactive storytelling to enthral and inspire or entertain and relax.

  • Make your own felt friend! This workshop is more suited to teenagers, although all ages can be catered for and full instruction will be given.

  • What’s a festival without instruments? (a very sad one, that’s all we can say!) Come and make your very own noise maker and join the hullabaloo with a blow, rattle or shake!

  • Back by popular demand and always keeping one foot firmly in the 90’s we have our annual tie dying workshop. T shirts will be provided for children but anyone is welcome to bring their own clothes from home to dye. The workshop operates on a first come first served basis and is very popular so get there early!

  • Get crafty and learn how to make your very own pinch pot, coil pot, or a creation of your very own choosing!

  • What’s a head without a head dress? A waste of a good creative opportunity that’s what! Come and make your very own show-stopping, awe-inspiring headdress!

  • Masks for all occasions! What’s a festival without a mask making workshop?! Sessions will change everyday so don’t miss your chance to change your face everyday!

  • The fantastic and fabulous festival dressing up stop! Come and make your festival costume, from funky skirts and super capes to amazing anklets and cool wristbands. Adorn yourself!.

  • Make your faces festival ready and become whatever you want to be thanks to our fabulous face painter! All glitter used will be biodegradable.

  • Super kites that actually fly! That’s right…gone are the days of running fast down a hill and hoping for the best! Come along and learn how to make your own kite from scratch or if you prefer there will be kites ready made for you to decorate.

  • Perform your very own play in ‘The Theatre of Endless Possibilities’ but first you need to create your cast! Well, we’ve got just the workshop you need! Come and create your own puppets to help you really go to town and tell your story. You can use one of our designs, including Dororthy, Tin Man and all your favourite Oz friends, or create your own.

  • Have a break from all the dancing and have a bash at pom-pom making instead. There is something very relaxing about this workshop and if you make enough you can make your very own pom pom bunting!

  • Pessimistic in your packing and only got your wellies? Never fear, this is the perfect workshop for a sunny festival afternoon. Clever use of cardboard and ribbon can make you some fantastic festival footwear…

  • We don’t want our mini festivallers to miss out on all the moving and shaking. Join Spare Rooms Arts most experienced Disco queen as she takes you through the ages of good ol’ disco classics, with the best of the modern stuff thrown in for good measure!

  • Ran by some of the best willowers in the land, this workshop caters for all ages and abilities. From making a simple star to an elaborate dragonfly full guidance will be given throughout.

  • Sandpits, paddling pools and even a chillout area! Yes, we’ve added in a softplay section to make sure even the youngest Nozstockers can have a whale of a time in The Hidden Valley.