Going greener for 2017

Going greener for 2017


We’ve been busy hatching plans for how we can go greener for Noz’ 2017.  One of the big suggestions to come out of the survey from you guys, was the introduction of a refundable eco-bond to encourage visitors to clean up their campsite. These have been introduced across a whole bunch o’ festivals lately and we feel it’s time to do the same here in the Hidden Valley. So, you’ll find a £5 deposit is added to each ticket when purchasing from today onwards. This is fully refunded at the festival on the Monday morning, when you provide us with a full bin bag of rubbish (no bottles and cans please – they’re for the recycling), and your barcoded eco-bond ticket. We’re really looking forward to seeing how sparkling the site can look with a gentle nudge in a greener direction and thank you for all the other green and clean suggestions you’ve been sending in – keep ’em coming!

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  • Alice

    I learned recently that at Green Man. rather than using disposable plastic cups, they provide durable plastic ones with handles that you have to pay a couple of pounds for. You have to keep that cup safe and use it for your drinks, and if you lose it you have to buy a new one. I thought that was a brilliant idea because it means you don’t get so many disposable cups that are just used once and then thrown on the ground to end up in a rubbish dump. (I’m not sure what you do with all the rubbish from the campsite otherwise though, do you sort it?) Can’t wait to see you again next year lovely noz family xx

    • Ella

      Thanks for the suggestion Alice. We do already sell optional plastic reusable cups to use rather than disposable if people want, but thanks to suggestions from our surveys we will be discussing the possibility of making the reuseable cups compulsory. Any other suggsetions then do let us know! x