Keepin’ Noz Green in 2019

Keepin’ Noz Green in 2019

At Nozstock we are committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible and year-after-year we try to develop our green initiatives to improve our carbon footprint. We’re all aware of the devastating affects of climate change, and as a group we need to work hard to ensure our farm festivities don’t harm mother nature.


By 2050, there will be a higher volume of plastic in the oceans than fish, a shocking statistic. 38.5 million water bottles are used every day and 91% of this plastic is not recyclable. We have have joined the Association of Independent Festivals campaign and continue to go drastic on single-use plastic. We have now committed to a pledge to eliminate all single use plastic on site by 2021!


The clock is ticking and there wasn’t a moment to lose in doing this, therefore we have eliminated all single-use plastic water bottles on our bars. We greatly encourage bringing refillable water bottles and use the many water taps located across the site #GetReadyToRefill. On top of this we will be selling sustainable canned water, as well as serving reusable water bottles on our bar and in our shop, in case you leave yours at home, or just fancy a nice Noz’ branded bottle!


On top of this, the AIF have led on another important initiative, with their #TakeYourTentHome campaign. With the average tent weighing 3.5kg and almost entirely made of plastic – the equivalent of 8,750 straws or 250 pint cups; its no surprise to you that leaving your tent at home creates a huge amount of waste. In fact, 86% of total festival waste comes from the campsites. We are committed to reducing that percentage and want to galvanize people into loving your portable homes, re-using them and not discarding them. Flimsy pop up tents often can’t be donated to charities.


If you don’t particularly like putting up and taking down your tent at festivals, then luckily, we might have an affordable solution for you – we have teamed up with Camplight, who offer pre-pitched tents and other supplies for hire. Starting from just £50, you can avoid the stress, extra weight and leave the baggage behind with them doing the work for you. All their tents are picked from those abandoned at UK festivals, a solution to reducing and re-using campsite waste. #SayNoToSingleUsePlastics


Another initiative we’re proud to harbor at the farm is People In Motion, A local non-profit organisation that provides support and aid to displaced people. Their efforts are currently focused on supporting the refugee crisis, sending aid and volunteer support around Europe. As you’ve probably noticed, there is a high amount of waste left after festivals, the majority usually being reusable. We encourage our campers to donate and not bin any re-usable items such as camping equipment, non-perishable food and clothing which can be sent out in their next shipment aid. Also helping in the general cleanliness of our campsites!


If you’re wondering how to improve the ambience in your campsite and have the potential to win prizes across the weekend such as merchandise, trophies and free festival tickets? Look no further because the tent judges are making a comeback for this year’s Nozstock with the Clean Campsite Competition. Prizes will be awarded to the best dressed (think bunting/fairy lights/ up-cycled décor) and cleanest campsites. We want to see your camp being clean, green and sustainable in the most creative way you can. An award ceremony will be on the Sunday at the Bandstand and we hope to see you there.


To ensure the farm remains extra-green, each year we invite one of our incredible artists to take part in Celebritree Avenue. This involves planting a new addition to the craft area and in previous years we’ve had the likes of The Proclaimers, Beans on Toast and Henning When!


Our extremely successful eco-bond system is also back this year. Last year this scheme helped us separate and recycle 40% of the entire festivals rubbish; implementing schemes like this help us to reduce the overall environmental impact of our event and give you a chance to reclaim the fiver you paid with your ticket. Everybody wins!


On top of all these great on-site initatives, travelling to Noz in an environmentally friendly way couldn’t be easier with the multiple options we offer. Low price coaches run from London, Bristol, Hereford and Worcester and a free shuttle bus runs from Bromyard to the festival site. If you’re travelling by car we encourage the use of GoCarShare, benefitting you and the environment.