The Velveteen Valley Cabaret Highlights

From outrageous cabaret to comedic mayhem, this stage, like no other, will keep you wildly entertained for hours. Known for its naughtiness, dreamy dancing and hilarity, the Velveteen Valley’s 2017 line up promises to bring you just that.

Bringing the first lot of outrageous cabaret for the weekend, is Jolene Dover. A cabaret star for nine years, Jolene will be your Saturday night host and is set to be the star of the stage for one night only, right here at Nozstock. Ursula Dares will be bringing more cabaret in her form of a creative, theatrical and comedic approach, an experience not to be missed. The Glitter Kittens, too, will be performing their eclectic mix of traditional cabaret combined with alternative burlesque and circus.

If burlesque is what you’re after, then Jewel Personality and Flossie Smalls will be gracing the stage. Jewel Personality, an exciting, up and coming performer, will be performing a funny and cheeky burlesque set. While Flossie will be performing her popular, sweet and saucy routine ‘Cool Cat in Town’.

On Friday night Alistair Aitcheson’s Incredible Playable Show, will be inviting spectators onto the stage to become players for the night, where they must interact with each other and the audience to progress. A unique show, which takes games of his invention into the real world. Backyard Bingo, will be reinventing bingo as you know it, think unique, comedic entertainment and brilliant prizes, for this show.

Jackie Clementines, will be performing his new show, ‘Fool Bodied’, intertwining a mix of juggling, acrobatics and danger. And Jessticular Dancer and Her Highness will be performing a mix of street dance, pole, blues, burlesque and circus for an enticing performance for the senses.

Join us, one and all, in the Velveteen Valley for the quirkiest and naughtiest of line ups.  

Wonders Await in the Velveteen Valley

Temptresses and tales, allure and attraction, The Velveteen Valley plays hosts to some of the most enticing cabaret acts for you aberrations to deluge yourselves in…. Hidden behind the curtain, away respectable society, lurk our fantastic compères, Tom Hunt and Alex Silcox. They will throw their hats into the ring whilst intr7685837920_2f9647b4c5_zoducing steamy seductresses, circus creatures, fire fiends and all things swing to the Cabaret Stage. For years now, Tom Hunt, self-proclaimed cabaret maverick has been at large, his dubious trade in juggling, danger and acute eccentricity around the U.K giving him a preceding reputation. Serving up some razzle dazzle as host, Alex is an acting, music and dancing triple threat.

With all the sex appeal of Barbara Windsor and the cheek of Kenneth Williams, Florence Fontaine, the smutty Scouse sensation delivers to you eager Nozzers. Looking for high-energy satire? Look no further, Allure Cabaret are here combining glitz, glamour and seduction. Chris Lynham presents pyrotechnics galore alongside outlandish operatic and orchestral overtunes, whatever else springs into his vivid imagination, it’s sure to wow.

Also on the billing is Lilliputian lovely, Oh! Carolina, supersonic Indria Skyflower and deviant daredevil Doe Demure.

Slink down to Velveteen Valley for a twisted taste of the dark side…