Compete to be wordsmith of the year in NozSlam!

NozSlam 2016


Nozstock’s very own poetic pugilism platform is entering its third year of existence and we want YOU to join the host of awesome amateurs, poetic professionals and (even!) national champions that have graced our ears, eyes and stage over the past two years by submitting for “NOZSLAM 2016!”

In case you’ve somehow missed out the last two times round, let us break it down for you: slam is performance poetry, but with a playful competitive edge.  Poems can be funny, sad, angry, happy, political, topical, rhythmic, lyrical, dressed up in sparkly spandex leggings doing stag leaps across a pond of peanut butter… whatever it is that tickles your cerebrum, just so long as it is tickled in less than three and a half minutes! Each performance gets scored out of 10 by our five judges, the highest and lowest scores are dropped, the results are tabulated, totted up and the top scorer takes home the trophy!

If you’d like to throw your metaphorical hat in the ring, then all you need to do is make a little video of you performing your poem, and send it to along with your name and a description of up to 50 words to be featured alongside it by 30TH MAY!

We’ll upload all the submitted poems to the NozStock YouTube channel on 3RD JUNE where they’ll remain for the public’s viewing and VOTING pleasure until 17TH JUNE. The ten videos that receive the most YouTube ‘likes’ will be short-listed, and then it’s up to the whole NozStock team to discuss, disagree, debate, and eventually somehow decide on the five slammers (ANNOUNCED 27TH JUNE) who’ll receive FREE tickets to come and compete in the live Sunday final at this year’s NozStock Festival!

The winner of our main event slam will receive a whole host of NozStock goodies, heaps of adoration and, most importantly, a coveted spot in the Tent Of Temporary Thought line-up next year!

So whether you’ve always felt there was a poem burning in you that you’ve just gotta get out, or you’ve been doing this spoken word lark forever, it’s time to sharpen your pencil, limber up your larynx and show the world why you deserve to be NozSlam Champion 2016!

Rik & Matt

Tent Of Temporary Thought Stage Managers

P.S. If you’re stuck for inspiration or just want to see more of this slamming stupendousness – then head on over to and check out entries from the last couple of years!


Our Nozslam 2015 winner is…

We caught up for a little chat about all things poetic with our second ever Nozslam 2015 winner *drumroll*…Jack Macmillan.

Where do you get your ideas for your poems? Real life or imagination?
Well, it depends on the poem. Sometimes I write about a real life experience, like falling in love with someone. And sometimes I write about something silly like falling in love with a toaster.

What is the most embarrassing poem youve ever written?

I do have a poem about a romantic experience with a 66 year old woman that may or may not be based on true events.

Whats the most amazing experience youve had through poetry so far?

The most amazing experience I have had in poetry so far would be the nozslam. I came all the way from the other end of the country and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Then when I got there I met so many amazing people and had such an amazing time.

And the worst?

The time I went onto the stage and forgot all of my poems and also how to speak and just sort of stood there for a bit before side­stepping slowly off the stage.

When and how did you start writing poetry?

I started writing poetry in February of 2015, so I’m relatively new.

What advice would you give to someone starting off in spoken word?

Do every open mic you see! Keep it original and have fun with it.

Questions from Roisin Crowley Linton

Want to know some more about Nozslam or think you could be the next winner then check it out and of course…don’t forget to check out some of  Jack’s poems as well.

Voting open! Nozslam 2015: time for the wordsmiths…

The shortlist has now been selected… but you’re welcome to continue showing your appreciation with likes!

Here they are!!! This year’s entries for the online preliminary round to Nozstock’s very own, highly popular, nationwide POETRY SLAM COMPETITION!!! 

Who would you like to see in the live finals at Nozstock 2015? It’s up to you!

(Not sure what a poetry slam is? Head to for all the info!)

All you need to do is watch the videos in this playlist and give the poems you like a ‘thumbs up‘ before Thursday 25th June. The top ten most ‘liked’ videos will be sent to our judges to pick their favourite five, who will each receive a free ticket to come and compete in the live finals headlining The Bantam Of The Opera Theatre Stage on Sunday 26th July at Nozstock this year!

Winners announced on 1st July!

Watch, like and share your favourites!

Nozslam is coming!

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 17.01.41

Literary linguistics your love; poetic pondering your passion?

Step right up to the excitement queue for Nozslam 2014. We’ll be pitching the very best wordsmiths the Noz community has to offer against each other in a phenomenal prehistoric poetical skirmish!
For those who do not know, a slam is performance poetry, but with a playful competitive edge. Poems can be funny, sad, angry, happy, political, topical, rhythmic, lyrical, sky blue or polka dot pink with orange stripes… whatever it is that tickles your cerebrum, just so long as it is tickled in less than three and a half minutes!

Whether you’ve been involved in a slam before, or you’re just a lyrical genius that’s been waiting for their moment, if you think you’ve got what it takes then put together a video of your piece and send it over to us at (before 25th May).

Once we’ve got all the poems submitted we’ll upload them onto onto our YouTube channel and we’ll let the public have their say, voting with their feet (okay, fingers) to give us a shortlist, and then our judges will pick their four favourites from the top ten most liked videos.

These four finalists will receive free tickets to Nozstock 2014 to perform with the Tent of Temporary thought in front of the very best crowd in the world and our five judges!

The most convincing contributor will receive; as well as heaps of love and adoration; a pair of tickets to Nozstock 2015 and a performance slot at Tent of Temporary Thought 2015. Not to mention your UK travel expenses paid for both years, food, drinks, hoodies, bags, pens, t-shirts and a lovely interview and poets profile on the Nozstock website. Phew!

Now isn’t that the most attractive proposal you’ve had all year? So what are you waiting for? Activate your most artistic attributes and send in your video! Check out the Nozslam page for full details and information on how to apply…

Here’s one we made earlier!