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Further information about privacy, equality and diversity, sexual harassment and environmental efforts can be found on our policies page. Please also refer to our FAQ page when planning your weekend.

*updated 27 November 2023*

Nozstock 2024 takes places between 18-21 July 2024 and is being organised by Nozstock Limited. Please read these terms and conditions and rules and regulations carefully. All ticket holders, guests and visitors at Nozstock (including ticketholders, traders, performers and staff) must observe these terms and rules during their stay at Nozstock: The Hidden
Valley. If you breach these rules we may eject you from site. If you have any queries then please contact [email protected] before purchase. In buying your ticket you will be accepting these terms and conditions and rules and regulations. Where we refer to ‘us’ or ‘we’ or ‘our’ in these terms and conditions ‘us’ or ‘we’ or ‘our’ means or refers to Nozstock Limited.

Tickets, Access & Refunds

1. Nozstock 2024 is being organised by Nozstock Limited. Your contract will be with Nozstock Limited and no-one else. We do authorise ticket agents to deal with the sale of tickets on our behalf. If you buy a ticket from someone who is not authorised by Nozstock Limited then the ticket will not be valid and it will not permit you entry into Nozstock 2024. If you would like to check whether a particular ticket seller is an authorised agent or not then please email us at [email protected] or check for their name on the Nozstock website.

2. You are buying tickets for Nozstock 2024 and not a particular artist or attraction – these are subject to change, even at the last minute. We hope that all the artists and attractions that we publicise will perform but we cannot guarantee this so we will not refund any tickets in such circumstances.

3. In addition to the price of the ticket to Nozstock 2024 you may have to pay a booking fee and there are additional fees if you pay by credit or debit card.

4. All tickets bought for Nozstock 2024 from our website will be personalised ‘etickets’, purchased via the Ticketsellers platform. Your tickets will be sent by email to the address that you give us when you buy your tickets. We will ask you who the e-tickets are for – once you have told us who the e-ticket is for then only that person can use that e-ticket. We recommend that you retain your confirmation email when purchasing online as proof of purchase.

5. Tickets bought from our authorised agents will be hard copy ‘paper tickets’. They will be security coded to guard against resellers – these tickets cannot be transferred and will not be valid if re-sold.

6. To gain access to Nozstock 2024 you will need to produce a printout of a valid ‘eticket’ (if bought from our website) or hard copy ‘paper ticket’ (if bought from one of our authorised ticket sellers). A valid ticket means a complete hard copy ‘paper ticket’ or full ‘e-ticket’ printout. If you arrive with a defaced or incomplete ticket then we will not permit entry. If you are a trader, a performer, a volunteer or a member of staff then you will need to bring written confirmation of this or you may be denied entry. In addition to your ticket or written confirmation you will also need to bring valid ID. For details of acceptable ID types please see our website FAQs. A ticket is not valid without accompanying ID.

7. Unless we have to cancel Nozstock 2024 we will not refund any tickets so please make sure you can come before you buy. If we do have to cancel Nozstock 2024 then our liability to you will be limited to the face value of your ticket. Booking and credit/debit card charges are not refundable under any circumstances – even if we have to cancel Nozstock 2024.

8. We reserve the right to refuse admission to any ticket holder. If we refuse admission and you have not breached these terms and conditions or any of our rules and regulations then we will provide you with a refund.

9. In buying a ticket you confirm that you have read and understood our rules and regulations and agree to observe them throughout your stay at Nozstock 2024. If you breach any of our rules and regulations then we may eject you without a providing you with a refund.

10.You must not use your ticket as part of any marketing, media or sales promotion, whether commercial or non commercial, without our prior written consent.

11.On entry you will be issued with a wristband – this is your proof that you have been permitted entry. The wristband remains the property of Nozstock Limited until the end of Nozstock 2024. You must not tamper with the wristband or allow it to be tampered with, copied or shared with others. If the wristband has been tampered with, shared with others or you are found to be not wearing a wristband then you will be removed from the site. Your wristband is your responsibility.

12.Those with special access requirements must appraise themselves of our access and disabilities policies and rules and follow those requests. Further info via [email protected]

Tickets & Info for Children and Teens

13. Children are welcome at Nozstock 2024. However, you must ensure that you obtain tickets for all those who will be attending, including your kids.  Teen Tickets are available at a reduced price for those who will be aged 13-16 on 18 July 2024. ‘Child Tickets’ are available free of charge for those who will be under 13 on 18 July 2024. If your kids will be attending with these free / reduced price tickets they will need to bring age ID with them that confirms their entitlement to the reduced price ticket they have bought – if they do not then you will need to pay the difference between their reduced price ticket and the adult ticket price.

14. Children aged 16 and under must be accompanied at all times by a ticket holding adult (21+) who must accept responsibility for their safety for the duration of Nozstock 2024. We will allow one adult to be responsible for the safety of up to four children but no more. We will check all of this on entrance to the site and children under the age of 17 will not be permitted to enter Nozstock 2024 unless we are satisfied that they have someone looking after them. This is for their safety and security so please ensure that you can comply with these age restrictions before you buy as we will not offer refunds.

15.Please note that some acts at Nozstock 2024 will be unsuitable for children: the late night cabaret will contain nudity; comedy sets may contain swearing. Other stages may feature material not suitable for children that we are unable to predict and classify due to the nature of live performance.

16.Space in the family camping area is limited to those with children aged 14 and under and on a first come first served basis. You must book your free space in family camping in advance.

17.Those booking the ‘save your space’ service must have a family camping pass in their order and tickets for a child or teen under. Save your Space is for people with tents only. If you have a Campervan or Caravan you need to buy a Live-In vehicle Ticket.

Camping, Campervans & Car Parking

18.Your ticket(s) will allow you to gain entry on foot to the main Nozstock 2024 site and to camp in our camping fields. You may also use the free Nozstock 2024 bus services between Bromyard Town and the festival site. Your ticket will not permit you to park in our car parks or use our live-in vehicle areas. If you do intend to bring a vehicle to Nozstock you will need to also buy a vehicle ticket – see website for details.

19.In order to gain access to our car park then you will need to buy a car parking ticket – these are available in advance or, subject to availability, on the gate. We strongly advise you to buy in advance. For safety reasons we do not allow sleeping in the car parking area. In order to gain access to our campervan/live-in vehicle area then you will need to buy a campervan ticket – these must be purchased in advance as they always sell out. You will be asked to present your campervan barcode with your festival entry ticket barcode at the gate. Please see our website for details.

20.You cannot bring a vehicle into the main festival site. There is strictly no re-entry for vehicles.

21. Campervans will be parked in a campervan area separate from the camping site as space is limited and for safety purposes. Tents cannot be set up in the campervan field and campers attempting to camp in a vehicle field will be moved. A trailer tent is considered a live-in vehicle.

22.There is also a specific area for live-in vehicles for families. You must purchase the relevant pass and can only access this family live in vehicle area with a child aged 14 or under. If you have not purchased a free under 12s child or a 13/14 yr old teen ticket as part of your order you will not be granted a family live-in vehicle ticket, nor will you be given access to this area at the festival without a legitimate booking, including attendance at the festival with a child.

23.Only disabled visitors will be given access to park next to their tents. To do this, accessible camping must be booked in advance of the event and informed [email protected] they are parking a vehicle.

Covid-19 Policy

24.We will adhere to required government guidance to allow this event to go ahead. This may include, but is not limited to, testing for attendees prior to the event or gathering track and trace data. Attendees will be informed via newsletter on what these measures might be and how to comply. By purchasing a ticket you agree to adhere to these measures

25.You should not attend the Event if you have tested positive for COVID-19 or are showing any symptoms of COVID-19 within 14 days of the event. You should not attend the event if you have been told to self-isolate or if your attendance would breach any COVID-19 regulations. If we believe you have not followed guidance or are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 you may be refused entry.

26.Any new site rules introduced as a response to COVID-19 will be compulsory for all attendees. These may change before or during the event and will be communicated via newsletter, on site messaging or text. You must ascertain what is required by you to meet any safety measures and comply with all said measures. Failure to do so may lead to eviction from site without refund.

27.All attendees may need to provide either proof of double jab or proof of a negative lateral flow test taken within 24 hours of the event in order to gain admission. We will communicate whether or not this is needed closer to the event, dependent on the level of risk and government guidance.

28.You are attending this event at your own risk. We will take reasonable measures to promote health and safety but we cannot be responsible for the behaviour of all attendees. You accept we are not responsible should you contract COVID-19 as a result of attending Nozstock 2023.

Alcohol and Drugs

29.Nozstock 2024 is a licensed and child-friendly event. The law applies at Nozstock The Hidden Valley as it does everywhere else. For your welfare and safety illegal substances will not be tolerated on-site, this includes nitrous oxide gas. Those caught in possession of, or dealing in illegal substances will be processed in accordance with the law.

30.We allow each adult ticket holder to bring a reasonable amount of alcohol for their own consumption onto the campsite on first entry but we do not allow alcohol on re-entry. What we consider reasonable will be at our absolute discretion. Your alcohol must be kept in the camping areas and will not be permitted to be brought into the performance arena.

31.If you are lucky enough to look under the age of 25 then you will be asked to prove that you are 18+ when purchasing alcohol or tobacco or when gaining entry to age restricted venues on the site. We only accept recognised original photo ID such as a passport, drivers license etc.

Searches and AntiSocial Behaviour

32.It is a condition of entry that you agree to be searched when you enter the site and whenever you enter the performance arena. If you are found to be carrying prohibited items then we may confiscate them or we may eject you from the site.

33.We reserve the right to search you at any time if we suspect you of carrying any prohibited items, or if we suspect you of carrying out illegal activities. If you refuse to be searched then we may eject you from the site.

34.We will not tolerate any violent or abusive behaviour towards our staff, performers or other festival goers – you will be immediately ejected. Please co-operate with our staff – they are there for your safety and security.

Eco Bond & Green Initiatives

35.There will be plenty of clean toilets – please use them and not the hedges. Consider your environment.

36.Please use the litter bins and recycling points provided.

37. You must present a barcoded eco-bond ticket at the eco-bond exchange along with a full bag of rubbish to claim your refund. As long as your bin bag is full and your ticket can be scanned you’ll receive your £5 ecobond back straightaway. Tickets can only be scanned once. If your bin bag contains bottles or cans, then it will not be accepted. These items should be placed in our recycling bins. You can only receive one £5 refund per person. No further money will be issued for additional bags of rubbish. Find out more
about our green initiatives.

38.To support our green efforts we ask Nozstockers to bring their own reuseable water bottle, leave plastic straws at home and consider using biodegradable glitter, baby wipes etc.

Banned / Restricted Items

39.We do not permit any of the following items anywhere on site: drones, portable laser equipment and pens, unauthorised professional film or video equipment, professional audio recording equipment, air horns, spray cans, Chinese lanterns, animals, or anything that we consider could be used as a weapon. It is an offence to be in possession of pyrotechnics such as fireworks and flares and anyone found with these items will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

40.Only small bags (such as handbags or backpacks) are allowed into the arenas.

41.No pets allowed. Nozstock can be a loud and scary place for our furry friends. The only exception is Assistance Dogs. If you are bringing an Assistance Dog you must let us know in advance and supply proof your dog is registered with an organisation which is a member of Assistance Dogs UK.

42.For security reasons we do not allow glass anywhere on site – even in the camping areas.

43.We do not permit any trading or flyering on site without our prior written consent.

44.No campfires or other fire sources are allowed anywhere on site.

45.No generators or sound systems are permitted unless we have agreed this in writing with you prior to arrival. You will be asked to provide proof of this permission and this will be validated on site by the personnel stated in your letter.

General Rules & T&Cs

46.We reserve the right to change the date of Nozstock 2024 in the event of circumstances beyond our control. If we have to do this then we will tell you about it as soon as possible.

47.Those with special access requirements must appraise themselves of our access and disabilities policies and rules and follow those requests.

48.Attending any festival carries risks. Admission to Nozstock 2024 is at your own risk. If you are looking after children under the age of 17 then you assume responsibility for their safety and well-being. Neither we, nor the Premises Licence Holder will be liable for any theft, loss or damage to property (including motor vehicles) unless such theft, loss or damage to property has been caused by our negligence – liability for theft, loss or damage to property caused by your own negligence or by the acts or omissions of traders, patrons or any other third parties is excluded. Neither we, nor the Premises License Holder will be liable for any
personal injury unless your injury has been caused by our negligence – liability for personal injury caused by your own negligence or by the acts or omissions of traders, patrons, or any other third parties is excluded.

49.We reserve the right to refuse admission.

50.In the legitimate interests of the event, you will be photographed, filmed or sound recorded for TV, Video, DVD, Webcast or other marketing or public broadcast as part of the audience or by security CCTV.

51.Official merchandise will be available on site. Please do not buy from unlawful street traders.

52.Remember – smoking is not permitted in any enclosed public spaces or buildings. A festival is no different.

53.Have fun but please act responsibly – consider your own safety and that of other guests.

54. Nozstock’s nudity policy is in place to balance a person’s right to choose to be without clothes against wider considerations about safety. Nozstock considers respectful adult nudity to be natural and welcome when in a non-sexual manner and in outdoor festival areas during daylight hours. As part of our general approach to sexual safety, and a commitment to ensuring everyone’s comfort, nudity is not permitted in indoor venues (other than activities such as performances where attendees are predominantly seated) or large crowds due to the anonymity these environments offer for those who may not be acting within the law.

55.Additional services may be offered by third parties. (included but not limited to boutique camping and tent hire) All responsibility and liability for any third-party supplies rests with the supplier themselves.

56.You must observe any reasonable instructions given to you by our staff.

57.Nozstock reserves the right to add to or amend these Terms and Conditions and Rules and Regulations from time to time. Amendments will take effect when posted on the website www.nozstock.com. Please check the T&Cs / Rules and Regs page regularly for changes and to ensure you have up to date information as you are bound by these terms and conditions. If you purchase a ticket after any amendment to these Terms, you agree to be bound by the updated version of these Terms.