Crew Profile- Ella Nosworthy, Creative Director and Organisational Guru

Crew Profile- Ella Nosworthy, Creative Director and Organisational Guru

Meet Ella, Nozstock’s Creative Director, bearer of all post-it notes and multitasking goddess. If you don’t know, get to know…



Describe yourself in three words (when you are in festival-mode!)…

Erm, proud, tired and kind of terrified!


Tell us about your best festival moment

It was in 2008 and I was watching the main stage. The Anomalies were playing and the crowd was huge! With so many people dancing and smiling and having a great time, I looked around and thought wow, we did this. It was a great feeling. The festival is a lot of work, building up to one weekend, but the best bit every single year is seeing how much people are loving it. 


Who would be your ultimate-beyond-ultimate dream headliner at Nozstock?



Do you have any pet peeves at festivals!?

When there is nothing to do except sit at the main stage all day. I like being entertained, seeing interesting things around the site. 


What are your thoughts on the future of the festival industry?

It will get harder and harder I think. People have less money in their pockets than they used to and have to be a lot choosier about where they spend it.  


Is Nozstock what you expected it to be after sixteen years?

Not even a bit! It’s grown beyond my wildest dreams.


When you’re not making Nozstock happen, what are you doing?

Sleeping for about six months.


Best moment of Nozstocks past?

First time Andy C played. We achieved something we had wanted from the very beginning. We felt like a ‘proper’ festival then…


And finally, what three things are always in your Noz survival kit?

Oh god- so many things! Top three is probably, gaffa tape, a biro and… my office ladies. Ok they aren’t in a kit but I couldn’t cope without them!





Comments (2)

  • Martin Paul Driscoll – Director, Worcs LitFest & Fringe

    FAO: Ella,
    hello you, I don’t know too much about Nozstock, or YOU, (mea culpa obviously), I am a director of the Worcestershire Literary Festival & Fringe and by definition we focus on poetry and spoken word generally but we have had cooks, magicians, muso’s, comedians (apparently!) and have a ukelele band during this, our sixth main ten day festival which runs from Friday 10thuntil Sunday 19th June this year, could we meet and discuss how we might partner or support each other? I am also on the committee of the Worcestershire Arts Partnership and whilst not ‘local’ to you we also look to support like minded festivals and events… I will have our printed programme of events landing on Friday, could I come over to you with a batch to show you, unless you are in Worcester around then or weekend onwards of course? Our website is: the programme is up online to peruse, my email is: [email protected] and my work email is: [email protected] (I am a freelance senior graphic designer by trade but do TOO MUCH pro bono and volunteer, charidee work to ever earn a living these days!).
    Hope we CAN talk/meet soon.
    Best regards.

    • Alex Powell

      Hi Martin,

      Thanks for getting in touch…all sounds good to us! We will drop you an e-mail and go from there. X