Disco Day 2022 ft. ‘The Greatest Dancer’ Dance off!

Disco Day 2022 ft. ‘The Greatest Dancer’ Dance off!

Traditionally Sunday may be the day of our Lord, but at Nozstock it’s the day of disco! Worship at the church of smooth moves and praise the funky beats as we get lost in music in the best way.

But what kind of disco day would it be if we didn’t get rid of those hangovers with a bit of bumping and pulling out the disco fingers?

Luckily for you Twisted Assembly have got you covered. These rabble-rousers are hosting a dance-off at 1pm on Sunday to find ‘The Greatest Dancer’ at the festival. If you fancy yourself as a John Travolta than come and show them your best hustle and your coolest funky chicken.

There’s some great prizes to be won (not to mention oodles of respect) and bonus points awarded for the funkiest outfits. Dig through the back of your parent’s wardrobe and get sequin crazy.

Here’s all you need to know:

Dance off @ 1pm

Twisted Assembly State in the Altered State

Prizes to be revealed!