Let’s get dollied…

In honour of the lady of bouncy buxom herself, we are hosting a Dolly Parton Guinea Book of Ragworms this year at Nozstock. The idea is simples. Come one, come y’all, to the ‘Let’s Get Dollied’ booth on Saturday, wearing your best Dolly assets. Think wigs, think boobs and rainbow faces. Own it. We will have a few wigs for sale on the day for as little as possible (with a donation going to the Play charity, which helps children who do not know how to play start the adventure!) We will only have a few though, so please rise up and BRING YOUR OWN WIGS! We will all sing ‘Jolene’ dressed in our homage du fromage to the lady of the Wildest West herself so get practicing those lyrics. This is a Guinea Book of Wackords attempt, sponsored by Pete Noz, come join, do the conga, and remember, “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap”


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