Parallel Worlds of the spooky variety

Parallel Worlds of the spooky variety

It’s that time of year again, when we release our true personality as a festival and get seriously WEIRD.  As all you Nozstockers will know, we have a few avenues of the bizarre hidden in corners of the festival, ready for you to discover and dive into. Whether it’s finding the multiple entrances into the Cabinet of Lost Secrets, or delving deep into the Altered State to find the funny. Not funny ‘ha ha’, funny-weird.

Here’s some spooky highlights from this year’s festival –

There were plenty of creepy creatures touring the farm at night, you wouldn’t want to disturb them mid-rave, who knows what would’ve happened…

Did anyone notice how this year the Cabinet was quite…. Christmassy? Not just us then?
Who else found themselves thrown through the fireplace and into a music venue? Weird.

Daylight creatures also descended on the land during your stay, we didn’t get too close to these lot just in case they abducted us back to wherever they came from…



Although some of our creative visitors this year may have scared us off, they certainly make the mind wonder. Make sure that your costumes this year give these lot a run for their money.

We hope you have a wonderful Halloween Nozstockers, stay weird!

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