Behold, the Parallel Worlds of Nozstock!

Behold, the Parallel Worlds of Nozstock!

Welcome to #Nozstock2021….

The last year has been a strange one for all of us. As we adjust to the new reality we find ourselves in, we’re realising that things don’t have to go back to the way they were before. Different worlds are possible, with new rules, new priorities, and a totally new way of living. If you could design a whole new world for yourself, what would it look like? At Nozstock 2021, we’re adventuring off into these Parallel Worlds, and we’re inviting you all along for the journey…

Behold the laws of nature as they are defied in what will be a magnificent spectacle of worlds colliding, with alternate spaces, places and civilisations at every tantalising turn! 🐙 🧬🧞‍♂️ 💥🗿

Don your best space suits and get ready to rave alongside the canine-astronauts who have dominated the moon. Take the plunge into the deepest corners of the ocean with subaqueous beings, whose sole aim is to lead you astray. And if you manage to keep your head above the waters you might stumble across once crumbled ruins, which now stand as ancient cryptic temples, with doors left open for you to explore…

Who knows what other devilish delights you will find in the mult-verse of the Hidden Valley, the possibilities are endless! One thing’s for certain, as is the case with our celebrations every year… Our farm is set to be full of some of the most wonderful, weirdest, fun-filled and exciting people in this universe – you lovely lot. So, come with us this July as we enter the Parallel Worlds.