2015 brings a tangled menagerie of new acts and old Noz faves to the Bandstand stage

2015 brings a tangled menagerie of new acts and old Noz faves to the Bandstand stage

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Tucked away in the cool shadow of the Dingle, the Bandstand is an idyllic escape for all to rejuvenate from those Noz flavoured antics of last night… With its roots firmly planted in a philosophy of diversity and unknown acts, the Bandstand hosts our widest variety of style. From bluegrass to beat-boxers, indie to Indian-sitar and roots reggae to rock, Nozzers can be certain they’ll find that perfect, cider-filled afternoon in the sun.

2015 brings a tangled menagerie of new acts to the Bandstand stage and old-time Nozstock favourites, The Computers are first on our hit list with their constantly evolving punk, soul and blues style which, as anyone who’s ever seen their live show will confirm, is guaranteed to make you dance. 60s and 70s sonic inspired Jolta hails the arrival of stomp-fuelled rhythms and gargantuan riffs, their visceral live show is set to impress. Newcomers and 5 piece indie-rock band Sahara Heights will channel their experimental sound through the Bandstand sound system delivering a vivid blend of indie, psychedelic and classic 60s material to the Dingle. Rock n rolling their way onto the Bandstand is the bluesy-glam-punk quartet Pink Cigar, whilst Herefordshire based band KeyGreen are set to play their debut album reminding us of our homegrown talent. Noz favourite Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer, who needs no introduction, will dazzle with dignity and Circe’s Diner are set to hold it down for you folk lovers taking you on an intoxicating journey that will leave you thoroughly charmed.

Whatever your mood, the Bandstand’s variety of talented occupants is sure to excite and keep you lingering for hours.



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  • Ela

    Well I think that you should have Population 7 entertain you, maybe squeeze them in-as they were voted second favourite… what do you think ?! They are amazing

  • Seany

    Please play Population 7 thaïs year there are amazing !