A Lorra Lorra Laughs!

A Lorra Lorra Laughs!


We pride ourselves that over the years Laughing Stock has got a bit of name for showcasing some of best up and coming comedic talent in the UK alongside some of t.v’s top picks. 2013 is no exception as we announce the first crop of acts. Hosted by Bob Slayer, the award winning rock and roll comedy tour manager, we also welcome the hilarious Ivan Brackenbury and Ian D Montfort for your rib tickling pleasure. They are joined Viz’s Simon Donald and Norman Lovett of Red Dwarf fame. Never afraid of new talent we’ve also invited the cream of unknown talent plus comics with the best credits on the circuit to the stage. We’ve got Paul Duncan McGarity, Beth Vyse, Joz Norris, Holly Burn and Pat Cahill amongst others. For those of you who appreciate only the most highbrow of entertainment we give you Mr Methane the performing flatualist. His anal voiced rendition of The Blue Danube is something that must be seen to be believed.  Now if all this won’t get your sides shaking, we don’t know what will…

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  • Hannah Huxley

    THIS IS ME, im so happy right now, i love you nozstock! thisll be my 6th year coming and i cant wait!!!!

    • Ella

      Thanks Hannah, this picture is hilarious…hope you are dressing up again! x