Return of The Hip Hop Squat

Return of The Hip Hop Squat




The SIKA Studios crew provided some of the best moments of 2012, who could ever forget the debut of The Hip Hop Chicken after all?  This year they are back to transform The Bullpen into the Hip Hop Squat, with graffiti workshops, top beats and some of the best UK hip hop talent on show. They’ve bagged the likes of Fliptrix, Verb T, BVA, Leaf Dog, Jam Baxter, Edward Scissortongue and DJ Madnice in a High Focus Records showcase. Plus underground legend Dr Syntax will be taking to the stage supported by UK heavyweights Devilman, Lee Scott, Bill Shakes, Stagga, Skamma  and Split Prophets amongst others. This year the SIKA boys are shaking it up in style inviting some Clowncore, Jungletek and general party music into The Hidden Valley with Ed Cox, Stivs and Mattycore all joining the bill. “That’s epic!” We hear you cry. We know….  😀



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